Miyaluo Scenic Resort

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Miyaluo Scenic Resort in Lixian County is a very popular tourist destination in Sichuan Province. Miyaluo Scenic Resort is a very large scenic area renowned for its red leaves. In fact, it is 180 times bigger than Beijing’s Xiangshan Scenic Area.
It is located in Zagunao River’s basin which is a branch of the Minjiang River. The scenic area is known for its forests, hills and ravens.

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Miyaluo Scenic Resort is located in the Li County of the Qiang and Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the province of Sichuan. It is regarded to be one of the most popular locations for appreciating the beauty of red maple leaves. In fact, it is the most spectacular and the largest maple scenic areas in China. 


Miyaluo Scenic Resort in Tibetan language means an amusing valley. The area is spread over 3690 sq km and is decorated with flowing waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, snow covered mountains, birch trees and maple trees. All of these combine together to create a very beautiful scenery which cannot be matched by anything else. 

Wonders Of  Four Seasons

A visit to Miyaluo Scenic Resort in spring is very exciting since visitors can discover the blossoming peach orchards and verdant mountains which feel like a fairyland. The legend says that Miyaluo Scenic Resort is a utopia with peach woods in full blossom. The area has a very scenic climate and it is a very popular place for cooling down during the summer months. In autumn, the area looks magical with red beautiful leaves, gurgling creeks, quiet valleys, white clouds and blue skies. It is also crowded with a lot of tourists. During the winter months, the snow covered mountains are breathtaking. The area has warm sun, temperate climate and gentle breeze.
Miyaluo Scenic Resort

The Main Attractions 

Other than enjoying the natural beauty of the area, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the local residents for experiencing the unique culture of Qiang and Tibetan ethnic minorities. The district’s social customs are variegated and colorful. The fluttering Buddhist scriptures showcase the religious nature of the Tibetan people.
The watchtowers are strong and table while the single cable, beautiful bridges over the rapids show the technical expertise of the local Qiang people. The location is also home to various festivals such as the New Year, Horse Racing Festival allow visitors to enjoy folk dances around fireplaces, tap dances, barley wine, melodious music of the guitar, lyric flute and much more. It is a great way to learn more about the way of life of the local people.

A Great Place to Relax 

Miyaluo Scenic Resort is located at an altitude of 2700 meters. Other than the interesting folk customs of the Qiang and Tibetan Minorities of the area, the area is also home to grand snow covered hills, Gu’ergou Hot Springs and much more, making it a very popular place with the people of China as well as abroad.
Every October and November, the leaves of red colors will cover the entire area. Fall is definitely one of the best seasons for visiting Miyaluo Scenic Resort due to the spectacular fall foliage.

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Lixian County

How to Get There?

Several special buses and taxis are available for Miyaluo Scenic Resort from various other parts of Lixian County.

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Miyaluo Scenic Resort is a good place for relaxing in summers since the average temperature here is around 15 degrees.

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