Kalong Scenic Resort

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Kalong Valley is one of the important scenic areas on the travel line of Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Interest Areas. It is famous for the natural scenery, such as colorful ponds, stone forests, glaciers, snow hills, valleys, primitive forests, and the humane scenery, such as the folk customs of Tibet and Qiang Minorities, the historical relics of Long Marches, etc. The whole scenery area looks like a splendid picture, which is made of Karst scenery, mosses, stone forests, snow hills together with the blue sky, Tibetan residences, streams, etc. When fall comes, the whole area is covered with golden colors.

 Climate features

Kalong Scenic Resort belongs to the monsoon plateau climate. It has distinct draught season and rainfall season. The temperature of the whole year is not distinct, but the temperature at day time and nights is quite different. The temperature changes according to the altitudes change. The temperature difference between high hills and valley reaches 20℃~10℃. The mean temperature at Heishui county Is 9℃. The highest temperature is 33.5℃, while the lowest is -14.4℃. There are lots of rainfalls in summer. It is overcast and rainy in fall. The average precipitation here is 620.6 mm. The average time of frost-free period is 166 days.

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How to Get There?
The road condition from Chengdu city to Kalong Scenic Resort and Ancient Glacier is very good. The whole road is the asphalt road. It is 310 kilometers from Chengdu to Kalong Valley, 112 kilometers from Kalong Valley to Ancient Glacier.

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Tips: The administrative office of Kalong Scenic Resort is the Tourist Bureau of Heishui County. It is located at Zhengjie Street, Heishui County.

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