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The First Bay of the Yellow River

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The Yellow River flows from Gansu, and meets the White River at the first bay with a shape of Y. The hill-like plateau looks like an island over the river. The transect diameter of the Yellow River here is 300 meters, while that of the White River is 400 meters.

There is a hill in the front of Suoke Tibetan Temple. Visitors can see the above scenery on the top of this hill.

In the summer evenings, the evening clouds shine the land and some smokes flutter from tents on the grasslands. In the late fall and winter, sands are blown by the strong wind over the land. After sun sets, the whole area is covered with a cold color. In winter, it is very splendid to see when the Yellow River is frozen with the White River.

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How to Get There?
Travel line by driving by visitors themselves: Chengdu----Dujiangyan----Wenchuan----Lixian----Hongyuan----Tangke The whole mileage is 480 kilometers. The road condition of this section is quite good. Travel line by taking buses by visitors themselves: Chengdu----Maoxian----Songpan----Nuo’ergai The whole mileage is 490 kilometers. There is one regular bus to Nuo’ergai at Chadianzi bus station in Chengdu. It starts at seven in the morning, with the ticket fee of 88 RMB. After arriving at Nuo’ergai, visitors should traverse to Tangke town. This section has 57 kilometers, with 12 RMB per person.

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More Tips:

1. Sometimes, there is mixture of rain and snow. So it is better to bring some warm clothes and rain gears. Visitors should be careful of the strong sunshine in summer, as the altitude here is 1500 meters to 2300 meters. More importantly, visitors should pay respects on the folk customs of minorities.

2. There are tent hotels in the scenic area. Or visitors can choose to live at Tangke town, which is 8 kilometers far from the scenic area. Nuo’ergai Hotel and Xiangbala Hotel have better facilities at Tangke town.

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