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Why Choose Chinatravel.com?

Our Satisfied Customers

Why Choose Us?

  • More than 50 years service experience: Established in 1959, our company has offered travel services for more than 50 years.
  • Featured in Group Tours with solo Adventure: We are specialized in group tours for travelers, but you can explore more.
  • Authentic travel experience in China: China Travel is a local travel agency, we offer customers authentic journeys in China.
  • More than 50 years service experience
    Established in 1959, our company has offered travel services for more than 50 years. With rich experience, our team can offer you professional travels in China.
    1. Rich travel service experience
    2. A professional team
  • Featured in Group Tours with solo Adventure
    Group Tours with solo Adventure is our slogan. We are specialized in group tours for travelers who want a cheaper price, however, you can explore more. We will guide you to join in some journeys which cover essential attractions in China. Besides, we encourage customers to explore more their own adventures.
    1. A competitive price to explore some same attractions
    2. Guiding customers to have solo adventures
  • Authentic travel experience in China
    China Travel is a local travel agency, we offer customers authentic journeys in China. We take you to great attractions, authentic local restaurants and high quality hotels during the journey. We aim at providing customers with an authentic travel experience in China.
    1. Local travel guides
    2. Authentic local restaurants
    3. No tourist traps
  • Tailor-made and customized tours
    We put ourselves into customers’shoes, we tailor-make and customize tours for our customers. We try our best to offer a perfect journey which you want. If you want to visit some attractions , China Travel can tailor-make a tour for you, which can save your time, money, and trouble. Please feel free to tell us your tour ideas!
    1. Specialized in tailor-making and customized tours
    2. In customers’ shoes to offer you tours
  • Celebrities choose us
    Celebrities in the world choose us as their travel guides. For example, we have serviced some celebrities in Guilin such as President Nixon and his wife in 1976, President Bush and his family in 1985, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 1995, President Clinton and his family in 1998 and the Lakers basketball star Andrew Bynum in 2009. See more on China Travel: World VIPs Choose Us
    1. First choice for celebrities from the world
    2. Rich travel service experiences for celebrities
  • Abundant reliable travel information
    We have travel services including China tours, China flights, China hotels and Yangtze River Cruise. Besides, we can also offer trips to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. We have abundant China Tours covers most areas in China, and we can also tail-make a tour for you.

    As a travel informative website in 2008 to 2012, China Travel has updated more than 5 million words about travelling information in China. We have rich information consisting local city guides, China facts, things to do, food and entertainments in China.
    1. Rich reliable travel information in China
    2. Abundant tours covering most cities in China
    3. Offering trips to China’s neighboring countries
  • We care about customers
    We care about our customers, and we hope to be your sincere friends in China. There is promotional travel information to save your money to the most in every month. We inform you about promotional tours at the first moment by our newsletters.

    There are no traps and no hidden fees during the journeys in China. We aim to offer you an easier, and more comfortable trip in China. In order to offer our customers high quality tours in China, we will recommended great tours with high-score feedbacks by our customers. Our customers who have finished their trips will offer the feedbacks about their journey. No matter it’s good or bad, we cherish all the feedbacks to improve our service.
    1. Notice our customers promotional travel information in the first time
    2. Competitive price to offer more solo adventures in China
    3. No traps and no hidden fees in the journey
    4. High quality travel experiences in China
    5. Chances for different-denomination cash prizes, free tours and gifts
  • Integrity and Honesty
    We have worldwide safe payment systems for our customers to pay online such as PayPal. As a member of CITS Guilin, we are a credible website to offer your high quality tours. We will inform you with detailed itinerary including attractions, hotels and transport in advance, and no hidden costs in the journey
    1. Safe online payment systems like PayPal and credit cards
    2. High quality tours with high-score feedback by our customers
    3. Real value tours and no hidden costs
    4. Fairness and equality to every customer