Kezier Thousand Buddhist Caves

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Kezier Thousand Buddhist Caves, national first class cultural relic protection unit, is located in the cliff area on the northern bank of Muzati River about seven kilometers in the south eastern direction from Kezier Village of Baicheng County in Aksu Region of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.  The grotto cluster was first carved in late Third Century and started to decline gradually in late Eighth Century. The grotto cluster is divided into four parts including Western Vale District, Inland Vale District, Eastern Vale District and Backward Mountain District. Covering about three kilometers, the grotto cluster is equipped with artistic content like buildings, sculptures and frescoes and so on. By now, the number of grottos with numbers has reached 236 and the inside fresco has a coverage of about ten thousand square meters. The fresco mainly describes the stories of Buddhism itself and the mission of it. There are quiet a few mud made sculptures inside the grottos among which there is a Buddha Sculpture with a length of about six meters in New No 1 Grotto and is the biggest sculpture in existence by now among all the Guici grottoes. in addition to the religious content, the fresco also contains the stories about farming, hunting, business travels, musical dance as well as the details of folk flavors that represent the profound artistic conception beauty, strong infection beauty, real life beauty, vivid image beauty, complete harmonious beauty and deep mysterious beauty of the arts of Guici Grotto. built in the earliest time, it is a grotto temple cluster with relatively large scale with the most western position and is well known for its fresco with various colors.  

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