Senmusamu Thousand Buddha Grottoes

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Located in Kuche County of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region which is in the north western part of China, Senmusamu Thousand Buddha Grottoes is a Buddha grotto site from Jin Dynasty to Song Dynasty (3-13 Century) and the grottoes are mainly scattered on the mountain cliff of the mountain mouth of Kelukedage with a diameter of about 80 meters. Most part of the grotto has been damaged and there are fifty two grottoes that are in relatively good preservation. The shape of the grottoes varies and the object materials of the fresco as well as the complete caves of the ancient Guici Kingdom are maintained. The subjects of the fresco range from marriage to Buddha stories and the paintings of characters mainly employ earth red sketch profile and diffusion is applied to give prominence to the brightness and the solidness and the color applied is very bright and fresh. In the late period, the paintings with Han Style and Hui Style appeared in the fresco inside the grottoes. The discovery of Senmusamu Thousand Buddha Grottoes is of great significance to the study on the ancient Buddha arts in the region of Xinjiang and the cultural communication between the east and the west. Senmusamu Thousand Buddha Grottoes of Aksu is about 40 kilometers in the north eastern direction from Kuche County and the grottoes are scattered around the Kulukedage Mountain Entrance and the mountain cliff on the two banks of Stream Channel and most of the grottoes have been damaged. At present, the number of the grottoes in relatively good preservation is 52 and most of them are Buddha grottoes and few are monk grottoes.  Its auspicating time was about the Third Century and most of the fresco belongs to North and South Dynasty and the latest fresco belongs to the early period of Gaochao Dynasty of Hui.

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