Tarim River

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Tarim River, called a wild horse without halter, with a total length of 2179 kilometers, is the longest inland river in China. With a drainage area of about 19.8 square kilometers, Tarim River is jointly formed by Aksu River starting from Tainshan Mountain, Yarkant River and Hotan River starting from Karakorum Mountain and finally flows into Tarim Lake. The amount of the river water of Tarim River changes greatly with the season and increases drastically during hot summer when the snow and glacier melt into water and then the river runs across the endless wasteland and grassland galloping and blustering like a wild horse without halter on it. On the river is built a grand bridge with eighty holes, a concrete construction and a total length of about 1600 meters. And a lot of hydroelectric equipments have been built in the Tarim River Basin and the previous wasteland has been converted into fertile land and the fruit gardens along Tarim River are full of fruits after the painstaking efforts made by people of all nations. Tarim River is about 120 kilometers away from Aksu City and flows by way of Agricultural Reclamation Ninth Regiment and Tarim University of Agricultural Reclamation in the city of Alar.

Tarim Water System and Tarim River   Tarim Water System refers to all the rivers that are originated from Tianshan Mountain and Kunlun Mountain System and can also reach Tarim Basin while Tarim River refers to the lower reaches of Tarim Water System. Now the river section refers to the part lower than the joint point of Yarkant River with Aksu River, i.e., the lower section since the reservoir on the upper reaches of the river in Awati County. There are about one hundred rivers of various scales that flow from the surrounding mountain arrears to Tarim Basin and there are only three rivers that can join in Tarim Basin naming Aksu River, Hotan River and Yarkant River. During the period from the end of 19th Century to 1930s, rivers like Kuche River, Dina River, Ugan River,Phoenix River and Kaxkar River and so on still have water flown into Tarim River. However, later, owing to the increase of the diversion water in the irrigation area in the upper reaches of all rivers, the rivers listed above disappear in the irrigation area. And rivers like Keriya River, Niya River, Che'erchen River are a little bit far away from Tarim River and there might be flood flowing into Tarim River in the ancient times. However, later, owing to the water diversion resulted from irrigation; they disappeared in the wasteland or the irrigation area. The ending area of the all the rivers might be the scattered billabongs. As a result, all the rivers in Tarim Basin still belong to Tarim Water System.

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