The Big Dragon Lake

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In the deep Tianshan Mountain which is 120 kilometers away from the Kuche county in the north, there are two highland lakes, called the Big Dragon Lake and the Small Dragon Lake which are endowed with beautiful scenes. With water area of about 2 square kilometers, the Big Dragon Lake is surrounded by mountains at four sides. Though covered with snow all year round, on the mountain grows the precious traditional Chinese medicine material—Saussurea. And at the mountain foot, there are green trees and grass, flocks of cows and sheep, interspersed with some houses. Sometimes, you can even see the dzeren, snow cock and snow leopard.

The famous Tianshan road like a black python around the Dragon Lake reaches to the deep Tianshan Mountain to the highest attitude of 3700 meters and goes through the longest road tunnel in the country, then after about another 70 kilometers arrives at the Bayinbuluke plain which is rich in grass and full of cows and sheep.

Duku Highway is built along the northern side of the lake and the southern bank of the lack to the north of the highway is winding and bending red naked rock forming scenery with various physiognomies. The piled up snowy mountain spruce on the southern bank of the lake stand in an endless line as if they have reached the snow mountain and the blue sky in the far distance. On the water entrance of the lake in the east, the water of the stream is sprung into braid and fall into the lake gurgling. A lush lake beach meadow is formed among the lake area.   

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