The Mystic Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountain

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Mystic Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountain has a length of about 5.5 kilometers in the east and west direction and is formed by red brown sand stone carved by the wind as well as the rain. The Grand Canyon is quiet and mysterious with special scenery inside it. The mountain bodies vary in shapes and the peaks stand high into the sky with channel inside channel and vale inside vale. Sceneries like Nantian Gate, Soul Vale, Moon Tooth Canyon, Tiger Tooth Bridge, Motian Cave and Lion Tears and so on are as lively as true. There is a grotto of Tang Dynasty on the mountain cliff about 1.4 kilometers away from the entrance of the canyon and fresco as well as Chinese characters can be found traces on the southern, northern and western walls of the grotto. There is another canyon located about 700 meters away from the Grand Canyon serving as an accompaniment. Mystic Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountain is a canyon integrating magnificence, danger, quietness, mystery and uniqueness in a whole and anyone who has visited it by himself can not help singing high of it.

The Grand Canyon lies in a shape of camber in the direction of South and North with the entrance bending to the direction of south east a little bit and the ending part bending to the direction of north east a little bit. It is composed of the main vale and seven branch vales with a total length of more than 5000 meters and the natural fall of the top of the vale against the bottom part. The bottom of the vale varies in breadth with the widest 53 meters and the narrowest 0.4 meters which can only allow the passage of one person passing with sideways in the state of bending. The mountains on the side of the canyon are rugged and stand high to show themselves and the peaks are piled up and look magnificent reaching the sky as well as the earth while the mysterious caves and grottos are equipped with special flavors. The vale itself wanders and bends with the roads change suddenly with the peaks change and you will enjoy a different view even only after one step. The spring runs happily and the birds sing gladly all year long with no season differentiation, which is considered to be a wonder by the visiting tourists. The whole canyon is just like a huge dragon sleeping on a broken mountain with its tail on the peak of Tianshan Mountain and its mouth drinking water in the Ku River(it starts from the source of Kuche River) and its body bending for nearly ninety nine times. It can make the nature change the climate and is mysterious beyond people’s imagination. What makes people more amazed is that there is a site of the Thousand Buddha Caves Site of the fresco started in the peak period of Tang Dynasty on a cliff wall with a height of nearly 35 meters about 1400 meters deep from the entrance of the Grand Canyon. In terms of written recording and the arts of painting, it is the best and can hardly be compared among all the three hundred Buddha grottos that have been discovered in the region of the ancient Western Region. Vale does not exist without the accompaniment of mountains and the steep mountains make the vale especially quiet. The average attitude of the canyon area is 1600 meters and the highest peak is 2048 meters. All the mountains and peaks composing the Grand Canyon are composed of mud sandstone in the color of red and the local Uighur people call it “Kirzriya” which means red mountain cliff in Chinese. Mystic Grand Canyon is located in the Kirzriya Scenic Spot, one of the nine movie making scenic spots of China. The huge red mountain body was formed in Cretaceous of the Mesozoic Ages that was about 1400 million years from now. Vertically crossed channels and mountains formed after millions of years of erudition and washing of the wind and rain look like Potala Palace seen from far away with the flavor of poems. While the jade like pavilions are like human beings examined closely and they are lively and characterized with all kinds of expressions like people buried in dreams. After seeing this, you can not help admire the great power of the nature creating the marvelous sceneries. Among all the mountains, the three ones standing on the entrance of the canyon (Naitou Mountain, Beauty Mountain and Buddha Face Mountain) are the most magnificent. Especially when you look at them in the light of sun set sunshine or the sunglow in the morning. What is in your eyes is red when you look into distance. And you will have the feeling that you have arrive Fire Flame Mountain although it is not.

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