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Aksu Food

Last updated by  at 2017/6/19

Aksu Featured Food:

Kuche Baked Cake

With a usual diameter of about 40 centimeters, it is thin in the center while a little bit thick on the verge and is coated with black sesame seeds and piyaz (onion) and pattern is painted on the surface of the cake and the cake tastes crispy and delicious.

Mulberry Cake

It is made by mixing the flour with the juice of mulberries and the oil of sheep into a paste. Tasting delicious, it can be eaten three times a day. In the morning, it can go with tea or milk tea. As lunch, it is eaten as main food or accompaniment food. In the evening, long noodles are eaten and sometimes the accompaniment food is eaten.

Kuche Soup Noodles

The mutton is cooked and sliced into thin pieces and the oil of sheep tail is made into soup with other ingredients. And then the noodles are heated by pouring hot water onto them and meat pieces, egg skin threads, garlic oil and sour and hot ingredients are added onto the noodles together with pepper powder. When ready to be eaten, the noodles taste sour and hot with heavy taste.