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Aksu Shopping

Aksu Local Products:

Xinjiang Apricot

The seeds are in a round shape and middle size. The surface of them is dry yellow and sometimes a little bit red while the fruit meat is in the color of orange. Featured with soft and juice rich fruit meat and sweet taste, Xinjiang apricots can be made into preserved fruits as well and the meat is very thick and tastes sour sweet and refreshing. The kernel is very sweet and is a good choice as to the production of packaged apricots and canned fruits. Huanna Apricot of Hotan Region is big in size and in the shape of long egg and the surface of the fruit is bright and the fruit meat is thick while the kernel is sweet and full. It is a good choice for the production of preserved fruits. As the seeds will not fall easily, they can be dried on the trees naturally after they get ripe without picking up.

Waist Scarf

It is a traditional long qiapan worn by Uighur males. Generally, it has no buttons and is frequently worn in cold winter. Apart from being used as the belt on the waist, it has many other usages like carrying small objects and food and so on. On the other hand, it is also a very important decoration for males’ dress. The production is usually very refined and is equipped with unique folk flavor.

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