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Helan Mountain Evangelic Temple

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The Helen Mountain Evangelic Temple and scenic area includes the National Park of Suyu Canyon, Helen Frescos and many other interesting tourist destinations that make it the most visited locations in China today.

It is located between Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. Helen Mountain is 50 km from Yinchuan and is home to a rich range of bio diversity. It is home to 18 different species of protected animals, protected flora and various other animals. The area is also extremely rich in minerals

Things to Do

This interesting tourist district is home to beautiful surrounding hills, cypresses, pines, beautiful scenery, flowers, singing birds, convenient transportation and communication systems. With great restaurant and hotel facilities, it is an ideal resort for summers, tourism and holiday destinations.


One of the most well-known cultural icons in the North Temple’s history is Awangdandeer. He is the pride of North Temple and is Alxa League’s legendary son that made everyone proud. He is considered to be a cultural giant in the history of Alxa, a great scholar who made impressive contribution and achievements in the Tibetan and Mongolian ethnic culture.

The History of North Temple

The North Temple or the Evangelic Temple was built during the Qing Dynasty in Jiaqin’s ninth year after the Alashan King’s son converted to the sixth Bianqen. The original name had ben Zhunheide. In the year 1806, Alashan Mahabala’s fifth king had reported the completion of its construction to the Lifan Ministry. Emperor Jiaqin had been responsible for naming the temple.

The Beautiful Scenery

Ever since it was built, the Evangelic Temple is known for the magnificent hills around the temple, the green pines, the beautiful mountain springs, flourishing wood and grass, fragrant flowers, charming sceneries and chirping birds which make one feel as if they are in a fairy tale place. There are a number of reasons why so many people visit this beautiful location. Not only is it a culturally important place to visit but it is also an extremely tranquil and beautiful place that has always attracted people for its stunning beauty. It is a place to relax and reflect on life and its meaning.

The Works of Awangdandeer

The North Temple will always be attached to Awangdandeer and his contribution to this area. During his lifetime, he wrote more than 40 works in Tibetan and Mongolian languages. The masterpieces he created are popular in China as well as overseas. Awangdandeer is recognized publicly as an impressive Tibetan and Mongolian grammatical scholar, translator, poet and religious philosopher who many people believe excels India’s Badida. His memorable works are a treasure which is always cherished in the ethnic ancient culture of China.


Tourists visiting the North Temple will be able to enjoy the woods, travel the ancient temples, climb mountains, enjoy the sunrise over the wooded areas, play with the colorful balls and appreciate the columns of smoke rising up at dusk. This scenic spot has many Mongolian yurt villages, restaurants and hotels. The restaurants in the area offer elegant drinks, food and environment characteristic to Mongolia and its culture.

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The Evangelic Temple is located in the State Forest Park of Helan Mountain, 160 km from the Wuhai airport and 25 km from Bayanhot.

How to Get There?
There are special buses going directly from downtown to Helan Mountain Evangelic Temple (the North Temple)

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More Tips:

Visitors travelling to the area can get a taste of the ethic food items if they attend the annually celebrated temple fair that attracts number of tourists.

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