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Mandela Mountain Rock Sculptures

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A brief intro to the tourist attraction

Mandela Mountain Rock Sculptures consist of around over400 pictures with an area of about 18 square kilometers. According to the preliminary exploration of experts, it is thought that the northern minorities such as Qiang, Yuezhi, Xionglu, Huiqi, Dangxiang and Mongolia etc have taken part in the manufacture of the rock sculptures.

The images of these rock sculptures are mostly hunting, grazing, fighting, sacred Buddhists, sun, moon and stars, temple buildings, dancing competition and touring, etc. It was inferred, based on the data of color of rock sculptures and water temperature and position, that many years ago, Mandela Mountain was surrounded by lake water with flourishing water grass. At that time, many graving and hunting ethnics were breathing and living here, which left their traces to be captured. The mountain full of rock sculptures, the exquisite and vivid artistic design just reflects the history of these minorities and tribes.

The patterning and technique of the rock sculptures varies from one to another. There are chisel sculptures, grinding sculptures and line sculptures. The rock sculptures are simple and rough, which not only carves what is seen, but also what is thought about. It possesses the innocent and natural beauty that it achieves the artistic effect of being active in solemnity, and changeable in discipline. It vividly records the economic, cultural and living state, natural environment and social outlook of Alashan area in both ancient and modern times. The width of themes and abundance of content can be regarded as the northwestern art gallery in China. The discovery of Mandela Mountain Rock Sculptures presents very valuable for research on Chinese history of art, social development, races, grazing, culture and religion, especially for research on history of each normadic tribe in the northwest of China.

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