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Tenggeli Desert Moon Lake

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A brief Intro to the scenic spot

The Moon Lake is a desert exploration camp with the shortest radius distance from every big city in the country. It is the best itinerary for modern metropolitan people to seek the thrill and excitement outside a life full of fierce competition with a complete relax both body and soul. There are three uniqueness of the Moon Lake: firstly, its shape resembles much to a Chinese map. When you have a look from high sand dunes, a complete Chinese map will be shown before your eyes. The distribution of reeds more clearly marked each province. Secondly, the water of the lake is a natural formula of herbal bathing. The water ,with an area of three square kilometers, is rich in sylvite, manganese salt, a bit amount of nitre, natural soda, natural alkali, ferric oxide and other trace elements, which are quite similar to the herbal bathing formula recommended by international hygiene organizations. The water has strong ability for biological purification, which can rapidly improve and recover the natural appearance of original ecology. The third is the black sandy beach of thousands of years, which is a natural bathing sandy beach one kilometer long, nearly a hundred meters wide. As you push off the surface layer, you can see underground the pure black sand mud over 10 meters thick , which is a natural treasure of mud treatment whose texture   far excels the black mud of the Dead Sea.


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How to Get There?
There is a tourist special highway 48 kilometers long 18kilometers from Yinba Highway southward. From here, then cross Tenggeli desert, you can directly reach Moon Lake Scenic Area reception station. After that, change to “Shunliu Bus” (a kind of desert buses modified by military trucks) or off-road vehicles to traverse the great desert and arrive directly at Moon Lake.

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