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Tong Lake Marsh Grassland Tourist Area

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A brief intro to the tourist attraction

Tong Lake is a desert lake basin with unique natural scenery. Together situated here are Tenggeli Desert Tourist Area and Inner Mongolia Beishaozi Desert Vacation Camp. In Tong Lake tourist area, there are surrounding sand dunes, flourishing grass, luxurious woods, fresh air, groups of sheep and cows, dancing migrant birds, newly-built Mongolia yurts, colorful camping tents, leisure teahouse connected with fluttering camping flags and clusters of lamps. The ethnic flavor is so thick like a poem and picture. As you drive to the tourist area, the artificial sand-treatment project at both sides of the exit is so magnificent that you have to gasp in admire. In the morning with reed flower dancing gracefully , aquatic playing happily with serenity and beauty in Lake scenic area, you can appreciate the flavor of people on grassland by horse-riding, walking or riding a camel to enjoy the beauty of “Ship of Desert”.

If you still don’t have enough fun, you can go northward by riding a camel to penetrate into the depth of the desert. There, you can witness by yourselves the shrub family, the artificial oasis and the amazement of Qingxihe spring, which will be full of adventurous fun. You can also taste meat by using your hands, drink wine made of horse milk, listen to toast songs, enjoy the delicacy of crisp creasy milk cover and cheese stir-fried with rice. When the night falls, you can just sleep on the ground of the sand slope. By taking desert as your bed and sky as your mosquito net, you can have a good view of the starry sky and enjoy the blowing of clear winds, which will surely give you a marvelous and comfortable mind. The bonfire party is another beautiful landscape. People sing and dance with freedom and endless joy.

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There are tourist lines from downtown to Tong Lake Marsh Grassland Tourist Area

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