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Yanfu Temple

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A brief intro to the tourist attraction

Yanfu Temple was originally one of the eighth temples of Alashan County. It is one of the ancient architectures of key protection in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The temple started to build the Chief Palace from 7th year of Qianlong, Qing Dynasty (1742) and completed the surrounding buildings successively. In 25th year of Qianlong (1760), the Qing emperor granted the name to it as well as the tablets with golden characters written in Man, Tibetan, Mongolia and Han languages. There are over 10 palaces, large and small, in the whole building group of the temple, such as Main Scripture Palace, Bodhisattva Palace, the Four Heaven Kings’ Palace, Scripture Transferring Building, Bell and Drum Tower, Rulai Palace, Alashan Sacred Palace, Pharmacists’ Palace and Mizong Palace, etc. There are over 200 rooms in total and an area of over 800 square kilometers. Before and after 1919, it flourished with the number of Lama coming to 500. There are over200 Lamas when China was liberated in 1949. The temple, just like other temples of Yellow Doctrines, has set up the Holy College and was divided into four departments, each of which owns a specialized palace. Up till today, the temple has still kept a bronze censer cast in 33rd year of Qianlong (1768) with a height of 2.2meters and a diameter of 0.85 meters; a huge bell cast in 55th year of Qianlong (1790) with a resonant voice. Whenever it is beaten, the whole Bayanhaote town is surrounded by long lingering sound.

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There are special bus lines from downtown to Yanfu Temple scenic area or you can also get there by buses.

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