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Drifting along the Lan River

Last updated by xiaoyanzi at 2016/4/30

The Lanhe river lies in the county seat of Langao. It is named Lanhe because on both banks of the river there is a lot of mist. (in Chinese Lan means mist) Drifting along the Lanhe River is a special recreational activity containing exploring, touring and doing sports.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
There are minibuses going straight from Ankang to Langao. The price is 10 yuan per person. You can take them at the Ankang Bus Station or at the crossing of Anhuo. It is very convenient.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
From May to October every year

More Tips:
A.There is steamed noodle all over. The noodle is 1 yuan per share, and the local people have it as breakfast and lunch. However, it disappears totally at night. There are also the snacks of the Hui people such as the meat pies and soaked steamed bun. The steamed buns here are different from those of Xian. They show obvious features of Ningxia. B.Accommodation: there are many hotels in Ankang. The price for the standard rooms is about 100 yuan one night.

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