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Nangong Mount

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Mount Nanggongshan, a branch range of the Bashan Mountain System, whose highest peak rising 2,267 meters above sea level was once called Mount Penholder. Now it has become a national forest park. Stalagmites of all grotesque shapes stand in great numbers in the mountain. The basically-completed Nangongshan Forest Park is built with the traditional techniques employed in Chinese garden art. It gives prominence to the interest of the wild forest and combines forest, landscape, stone forest, mist, literature and art together. Attracted by this attraction, numerous tourists come to appreciate its wildness, peculiarity, elegance, peacefulness and antiquity. The mountain, with its three main peaks standing side by side, is just like a penholder. When surrounded by mist and cloud, it takes on many different looks—sometimes like a heavenly garden, sometimes a sailing boat, sometimes a thrusting halberd and sometimes a fairy palace. When the clouds melt and the mists disperse, the mountain takes on an eye-catching fresh green and offers a magnificent view.

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You can take the buses at the Ankang Bus Station at the Middle Bashan Road, or take the special tourist buses at the crossing of the Anhuo Road.

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