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The Scenic Spot of the Ying Lake

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The Yinghu Lake, one of the provincial scenic spots, is located at the foot of the Tianzhu Mountain which is 18 kilometres to the southeast of the city proper of Ankang. The Lake is the largest green man-made lake with fresh water in the northwest China after the foundation of the Ankang Power Station. The lake has a perimeter of 540 kilometres and covers a total area of about 77.5 square kilometres. It is the provincial tourist resort which boasts such natural sights as the Bashan Mountain and the Hanshui River, and also an ideal ecological place for visit which is based on well-kept ecological environment like surrounding mountains and vegetation, and features sightseeing, recreation on the water, relaxation in holidays. What’s more, the Yinghu Lake is the very place where literators get together so as to compose poems, paint paintings and take photos.


the Dam of the Power Station: the Dam of the Power Station holds back at the Huoshi Rock the surging Hanjiang River which has run for thousands of miles. As a result, a high gorge comes into being on the lake. When the flood needs to be discharged, the sluice gate is opened and giant water posts spew out from the holes of the gate. Under the influence of the inertia and the press of the water, the water posts get the shape of parabola and then fall into the riverbed in the lower reaches. The water roars and surges forward just like thousands of horses rioting.

The Golden Snail Island: the Golden Snail Island is one of the important sights of the Scenic Spot of the Yinghu Lake. The Island gets its name because it looks like a snail standing in the lake, and Ankang was called in the ancient times Jinzhou (Jin means gold or golden in Chinese). The Snail Peak Tower stands grand and magnificent on the top of the Golden Snail Island. The tower has five floors and is as high as 26.5 meters.

The Vega Stone: during the years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Liu Yingqiu, a famous scholar in Ankang had composed a poem, the Vega Stone. The poem praised highly the true love between the loyal and industrious Cowboy and beautiful Vega who was good at weaving. Nowadays, a statue of Cowboy stands where Cowboy stood. On the northern bank of the Yinghu Lake stands the statue of Vega who is looking toward the direction of the statue of Cowboy.

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How to Get There?
You can take the buses at the Anhuo Road in the Ankang City which go to the Yinghu Lake. That will take you 5 yuan per person (there are also special buses in the busy season which will cost you 3 yuan per person). You can also take Xiali cars or minibuses there which will usually cost you 10 to 20 yuan per car.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:30-16:00 in winter 8:00-18:00 in spring, summer and autumn

More Tips:
A. if you go sightseeing around the Lake, just take care. As soon as you come near the Lake, you will find yourself surrounded by a group of ship-owners. They would charge you 40 to 100 yuan. You have to cut that down. B. The tour of the Scenic Spot of the Yinghu Lake usually lasts for two to three hours. In addition to sightseeing, you can also take delight from such sports on the water as the plane on the water, water-skiing by yacht, fire balloon, and so on. The price is 50 to 100 yuan. C. The best place for accommodation is the Yinghu Hotel. It lies on the bank of the Yanghu Lake, and has more than 100 rooms. The price for the common rooms is 60 yuan per day, and that for the standard rooms is 180 yuan per day. If you are lucky enough, you can get the rooms on the right side of the corridor which will enable you overlook the Lake and enjoy the fresh air. D. Featured food: you can taste such dishes of the farmhouse in the Holliday Villa on the Golden Snail Island and the Cuiping Island as the Fish Banquet of the Yinghu Lake, bean curd, and so on.

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