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Yingjiang Temple

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Yingjiang Temple, originally named "Ten Thousand Buddha Temple", was firstly built in the seventh year (974 years) of Kaibao Period in North Song Dynasty. It was renamed as Yingjiang Temple in the Qing Dynasty. It is a group of ancient buildings, a bright pearl among ancient buildings along the Yangtze River. For hundreds of years, the temple has attracted numerous worshippers; the number of its monks ever reached one thousand. The main buildings of the temple include Tianwang Hall, Hall of Sakyamuni, Pilu Hall and Depository of Buddhist scriptures. Celebrities and high officials of past dynasties visited the temple and enjoyed the scenery, chanting and composing poetry.

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How to Get There?
It is accessible by 10 minutes walk from Anqing port or Bus 10 at Anqing Bus Station.

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Opening Hours:
24 hours

More Tips:
1.The Yingjiang teahouse is for pilgrims and tourists to take meal and rest, where you can enjoy the traditional vegetarian dish. 2.Recommended Time for a Visit:Half a day

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