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Opened in October in 1993, Anqing Airport is a military and civil airport built on the base of a military airport. As a CCCC class airport, it is capable for planes below the model B737 to take off and land.

Anqing Civil Aviation Ticket Office is located in No. 175 of south Linghu Road in the urban area, where regular buses will pull out two hours before the depature time of the flight.

Inquiry Tel:5543848


In 1994, Hefei-Jiujiang Line, via Mr. Tian Zhu, stretched over 200 miles through out Anqing and finished the history without railway. Nowadays, there are also trains leading to places like Beijing , Shanghai and Hefei etc.

Inquiry Tel of Anqing Railway Station:0556-5027222.


The highway network radiates in all directions in Anqing, consisting of National Road 105, 206 and 318, Shanghai - Chengdu Freeway, Hefei-Anqing Freeway and six provincial roads. Besides, buses to various counties in the city and neighboring provinces are available everyday at Anqing Bus Station.

 There are two major long-distance bus stations in Anqing. The regular bus from Anqing to Hefei pulls out every 10 minutes from 6:00—17:50 everyday, which costs 3 hours and 30RMB per person.

Anqing Bus Station

Address:No.56, Yicheng Road

Information Tel:5513373

Hubin Bus Station

Address:No. 176, South Linghu Road

Inquiry Tel:5514228

Tip:The beginning price is 4RMB/2 miles, whichever model. Beyond it, the price is 1RMB/mile for the taxi with air capacity under 1300CC and 1.2RMB/mile for the one over it. Beyond 6 miles, passengers are charged 50% fee for empty driving. Moreover, they have to pay the bridge, road and ferry tolls.


As a national first-class port, Anqing Port takes the duty of material distribution and passenger transportation of southwestern China, Anhui , Jiangxi , Hubei and Henan. The major lines include Hankou- Shanghai , Hankou- Nanjing , Shanghai- Chongqing and Jiujiang-Nanjing. The commuter lines consist of Anqing-Nanjing, Anqing-Wuhu and Anqing-Jiujiang. What’s more, the passenger station of Anqing Port lies in No. 7 in mid Yanjiang Road and its telephone number is 5581857.


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