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Giant Buddha in Thousand Mountain

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There is a giant image of Maitreya formed by a whole peak which is 300 meters to the southeast of the South Spring Taoist Temple in Thousand Mountain with 70 meters high. The width of its shoulder is 46 meters while its head is 9.9 meters high and 11.8meterd wide with ears 4.8 meters long. It has five clear sense organs and full arms and legs. Its left hand with five parting fingers lying naturally on his knee and its right fist is pressing on its right leg. The giant Buddha is sitting cross-legged in the east facing west and the beads hanging in front of its chest looks blurry. Its navel is a natural cave which is formed a hundred million years ago according to the scientific investigation.

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in Thousand Mountain Scenic Area, Anshan City

How to Get There?
Take No.308 minibus at Anshan bus station and will arrive directly at the gate of the north part of this scenic spot or take No.210 public bus to the Immortal Terrace Scenic Spot in Thousand Mountain

Ticket Price:

The ticket price of Thousand Mountain is 80 yuan per person, including the price of Giant Buddha.

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It is 17 kilometers away from Anshan train station and there are direct buses from train station there.

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