Holy Place of Buddhist Arhat

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The outer area of Holy Place of Buddhism Arhat is featured in its ancient buildings and classical gardens, and the whole layout is grand and imposing with well-arranged kiosks, attics, halls and pavilions. All look magnificent and splendid, and the four different sceneries in the garden are the orchids in spring, cicadas in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn and snow in winter which is mingled with the Buddhist culture and art. The Dropping Water Goddess of Mercy in the open air, standing on the worship platform is the best one in the northeast area with incense smoking wreathing here which will make tourists feel as if they were in a pure land and do not want to come back..

In the cave of the Buddhist Arhat which is nearly one thousand meters long, there are five hundred vivid Buddhist saints with different facial expressions which fill up the gap of the Buddhist culture in the Northeast. The picture of the five thousand Buddhist Saints with 873 meters long is the longest one in the world.

Jigong Shanyuan Restaurant will serve tourists all the traditional vegetarian food that was popular among the royal families, common people and in temples in every dynasty. Those kinds of food are unique to the northeastern area. At the same time they set a big arrangement among those foods and add a set of seafood on the base of its own peculiarity. “Xainlizuo” and “Buddha Jumping over the Wall” (sea food and fowls in earthen jar) are the chief dishes here.

Person Profile

Known as the “living Buddha”, Jigong, whose former name is Li Xiuyuan, lived in Tiantai City, Zhejiang Province in Southern Song Dynasty. He was tonsured by Buddhist abbot Xiatang in Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou City when he was 18 years old and was given a Buddhist monastic “Daoji”. He was eccentric but warm-hearted in nature. He always helped the poor and the one in difficult and at the same time got rid of bullies and brought peace to good people. So they called him “Jigong” with respect which means a helpful person.

In his life was full of Legend stories. People yearned for him and defied him. They said that Jigong is the rebirth of the Buddhist saint. Therefore, Jigong, the eminent, became the living Buddha. Artists and the common people characterized his peculiarity and helpfulness and add the braveness and righteousness of the knights and bawcocks and apotheosize him together with humor. So for hundred years his stories was told from mouth to mouth with approbation and his image is popular among people.

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Take No.216, No.202, No.24, No.323 bus at the bus station and get off the bus at “Two One Nine” Park or Haunt Restaurant

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9:00am - 5:00pm

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