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Tanggangzi Hot Spring

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Water in Tanggangzi Hot Spring is clean and clear and has no taste and no color with the temperature of 72 centigrade. It contains several kinds of microelements which can nourish skin, promote the circulation of blood and strengthen your body against the disease. If you drink it often, you will have a good appetite and feel relaxed and happy after you bath in this spring water. Using the spring water and its heat as a special method for curing diseases has existed since in Tang Dynasty and now the Shangtangzi Recovery center (also named Tanggangzi Hospital in Anshan), which is one of the four Hot Spring Physiotherapy Recovery centers, use hot spring water, sludge and the treatment with Chinese and western therapies together with more than 60 kinds of treatment methods for curing diseases and it has special effects towards rheumatism, protrusion of lumbar intervertabral, ankylosing spondylitis and cerebrovascular sequela.

Tanggangzi Hot Spring enjoys beautiful scenery and many human landscapes just like Shangri-la with thick forest, clean air, quiet environment, well-arranged kiosks and pavilions and picturesque lake and mountain scenery. The “Dragon Palace” which was used by the last emperor in China in Qing Dynasty for bath, has protected well and in the room there are Set Sail for Long Journey Fresco and Mandarin Duck Sporting in the Water Fresco and other Japanese folk story color frescoes. They are vivid and now are open to the tourists. Warlord in Northeast China Zhang Zuolin has built “Dragon Hot Spring Villa” here.

Tanggangzi Hot Spring is famous for its long history, gifted natural resources, human landscape and its combination of the recovery center, physiotherapy and traveling. Every year there are a large number of tourists both from home and aboard come to visit and relax. 

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No.1, Hot Spring Street, Tanggangzi Town, Qianshan District, Anshan City

How to Get There?
Take No113 bus at the railway station

Ticket Price:

40 yuan per person

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