Temple of Jade Buddha

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The view of the Temple of Jade Buddha is just really captivating. This is a must-see not just for the people who have strong faith in their belief. It is not just the structure of the temple which is captivating because the Buddha itself is an awe-inspiring view.
This is an attraction in Anshan which is frequented by a lot of people. The trip to Liaoning Province is not complete without seeing this because it is considered as the largest Jade Buddha statue in the world. Because of that, a lot of tourists from different parts of the globe take time to go to this place to witness its magnificence. 

Things to Do 

Architectural Beauty

Before even entering the Temple of Jade Buddha, guests will already be impressed by the laborious handicraft which can be seen on the façade of this place. The structure reflects traditional Chinese architecture because of the mix of vibrant colors, pointed rooftops and arched balances. The walls and the ceilings are also filled with images and symbols of Chinese culture. 
Guests are welcomed by the spacious lobby which is preceded by several steps. Outside the main structure is an area where people can have a leisurely walk. During festivities, the front area of the Temple of Jade Buddha is also filled with merchants, as well as people who are here to visit this place. 
When guests enter the lobby of the temple, they should not miss out on the beauty of the ceilings too. There are tiles and embellishment which are also embossed with Chinese art. Hence, the ceiling looks like a work of art. 

Anshan Jade Buddha

As guests enter the interior of the temple, the intricate decorations continue too. It is difficult to find just one spot for the eyes to focus on because the entire place is filled with interesting details. 
Of course, it is the Anshan Jade Buddha which is the main attraction in this place. Some people come here to offer silent prayers while others respectfully gaze at the impressive beauty of the surroundings. 
The statue is an overwhelming site because of its enormous size. Aside from that, knowing more about the marksmanship involved in its creation makes it an even more amazing image 
The dimensions of this jade statue are 7.95 meters high, 6.88 meters wide and 4.10 meters thick. It weighs a whopping 260.76 tons. It was in the 22nd of July in 1960 when this was discovered in Xiuyan County. Though this place is recognized as the hometown of jade, the material is actually more appropriately called as Serpentinite. However, its characteristics are very similar to the aesthetics of jade.
Since its discovery, this gigantic Buddha statue is already considered as one of the most important treasures of the state. The Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai placed the Buddha under protection of the government. 

Circumventing the Buddha

A visit to the Temple of Jade Buddha is not complete unless one goes around it. This is important because the rear and front view are different. The anterior of the Buddha is reflective of the Sakyamuni. This is the Gautama Buddha. On the other hand, the back part showcases the Guanyin. It is the Avalokitesvara Buddha. 

Main Structure

The main hall of the Temple of Jade Buddha stands out from the rest of the structure. It is 33 meters tall which represents the 33 levels of heaven which Buddhists believe in. It was in 1996 when this place was first opened for public viewing. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Dongshan Scenic Reserve, Anshan Liaoning Province, China.

How to Get There?

Take the bus No. 19 and get off at Anyuan Road. 

Ticket Price:

30 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Day trip would be perfect for visiting this place because it is also ideal to explore the areas around the Temple of Jade Buddha. 

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