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Ximu Stone Shed Scenic Spot

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Ximu Stone Shut was built by stone and looks like a shut, so people call it Stone Shut. There were original two shuts which together were called “Aunt and Sister-in-law Stone” and now the “Sister-in-law Stone” has been destroyed while the “Aunt Stone” is still preserved well. The whole shut is made from six slates which are joined together with tenons. This shut is a rectangle with 2.8 meters high. It is a large stone tomb for the chiefs, headmen and slave owners of the ancient clan tribe.   

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How to Get There?
You may pass by the Temple of Jade Buddha when you start from Anshan to Thousand Mountain. Take No.308 public bus at the railway station and it will cost you less than thirty minutes to get there.

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More Tips:
1.Advising Time for This Attraction :a half day 2. Ximu Stone Shut Scenic Spot provides you different sceneries in different seasons: In spring you can find that spring is evident everywhere and the shut is embraced by green plants; In summer, the motley flowers will make you feel as if you were in a fairyland; In autumn there became a scenery of harvest and in winter the stone shut is covered with a white coat by snow and stands straight and graceful on the snow-white carpet!

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