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Xiuyan Cool Mountain

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Cool Mountain is famous for its deep hills and thick forest, warm and cool climate. It covers about 30 square kilometers and the altitude of the highest mountain Cap Mountain is 1141.5 meters. The main traveling sites are the Burying Horse Stone left by the famous general Xue Li when he went to the East for a battle according to the legend, the Hiding Horse Valley, Arrow Hole, Platform for Gathering and Reviewing Soldiers and some peculiar stones such as natural Stone Lake, Cave of the eighteen disciples of Buddha, small caves in the big cave of Laojun Tang, Dragon Elephant Stone, Cave Flower, Stalagmite, Stone Forest, Twin Fengdong Stone, Stone of the Little Beautiful Angel and so on. There are also pagodas in Liao Dynasty, Pines of thousand years, frozen Ice Cave here and 600 kinds of plant here including 38 genus’s 78 categories and some 150 kinds of gardening trees, more than 400 kinds of herbs and over 50 kinds of potherbs. A lot of rare wild animals such as owl, vulture, Bangchui bird (a kind of bird), fox, and wild boar and so on will be found here. There are also some precious animals like giant salamander and shrimp in the spring.

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Take a bus from Anshan Bus Station to Xiuyan Town, then change to the traveling bus to Cool Mountain. Starting time: 6:30 am, 10:00 am

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Advising time for this Attraction: One day

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