Anshan Travel Guide

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Anshan Overview

Anshan City, in the middle of Liaoning Province, is an important place for the production of steel and it is also known as “Steel City”. It is rich in natural resources and the amount of the iron ore around its city proper is beyond one thousand million ton which is a quarter of the total reserves in China. In the south and southeast part of the city is the enrichment area of magnesite and it contains about 25 per cent of the whole reserves in the world. It is also one of the biggest areas producing talc in China which has the largest reserves in the world. Xiuyan area has rich Jade resources and gained the name “the Home of Jade”. Furthermore, there are also plenty of agriculture products and terrestrial heat resources.


Anshan is a city with rich tourism resources. Early in the Sui and Tang Dynasty, there were already temples built by Buddhists and Taoists. Since in Liao and Jin Dynasty, temples here had developed into a certain scale, and especially in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Buddhism and Taoism were very prosperous here and they built more buildings, among which the most famous ones are Da’an Monastery, Dragon Spring Monastery, Incense Stone Monastery, Zuyue Monastery and Zhonghui Monastery, and they are known as the Five Buddhist Monastery in China. Moreover, there are also some other famous buildings, such as the eight Taoist Temples, the nine Temples, the twelve Nunneries, and the sixteen famous sights are “the green mountains”, “Buddhist hand holding in the air”, “Far sight from a Clock Tower”, “Pagoda in the breeze”and “Cloud hiding in the stone cave”.

Here you can find the famous Thousand Mountain National Scenic Resort, known as the Pearl in Northeastern China; China’s biggest Hot Spring Rehabilitation Center - Tanggangzi Hot Spring and the colorful Jade Buddha reputed as the first Jade Buddha in the world and some other beauty spots such as East Mountain City Forest Park, Xiuyan Herb Mountain Scenic Spot and Haicheng White Cloud Scenic Spot and so on, while the HaiCheng West Willow Costume Market ,Nantai Case and Bag Market, Xiuyan Jade Objects Market etc lying all over the city will provide you an ideal place for shopping.

District Code: 0412

Post Code: 110000

Nationality: Anshan is a multinational city including Han nationality, Manchu, Hui nationality, Korean, Mongolian, Sibo nationality, Tibetan, Uighur and so on with Han nationality being the major part.

Districts: Under the administration of Anshan there are four districts, namely Tiedong District (East of the railway), Tiexi District (West of the railway), Lishan District, Thousand Mountains District and Tai’an County, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County and Haicheng City (county level city).