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Dragon Palace Scenic Spot

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The Dragon Palace scenic attractions are made up of water karsts caves, in-cave waterfalls and dried up karsts caves, natural landscapes, stone forests and rustic villages.

The Dragon Palace scenic attractions follow a scenic line of over 3000 meters long, along which there are five groups of scenic destinations joined by an underground river. The scenic journey will start from Bangke Roks, Huayu Pool, Qinyu Cave, Fengshu Cave, Dragon Palace Whirling Pool, Kwan-yin Cave and small Caihua Lake. The underground river measures 28 meters at its deepest and 30 meters at its widest. The narrowest part of the river only has enough space for a small boat to scrape by.

The underground river is like a thread stinging up six spacious limestone caves along the 800 meter-long Dragon Palace scenic route. Access to these water karsts caves by boat trips is the best option.

The Heavenly Lake in front of the Dragon Palace is a small alpine lake. It covers an area of over 10,000 sq. meters and is 43 meters deep. The water is crystal clear and jade-green. Pristine bushes shoot up from craggy cliff rocks around the wisteria-encircled lake. On entering the Dragon Palace, tourists are greeted with stalactite formations, some of them resembling fang-baring and clawing dragons.

Stalactite formations in the six caves of the Dragon Palace come into all forms of things: stalactites in the first cave look like dragons, birds playing with water, phoenixes, turtles and grizzly bear ready to come out of its lair. The second cave is a world of stalactite paintings in relief, featuring prestine trees, golden pheasant standing on one leg, two lions playing a ball, two dragons diving into water and golden towers. A winding path in the third cave guides tourists to an isolated world of stalactite sensations: peacocks dipping their heads into the water and five dragons protecting a treasure trove. The fourth cave features a beaded stalactite curtain with its reflection in the water, glacier-like stalactite formation and a lookalike white bear. The fifth cave, nicknamed ‘Crystal Palace', is grand in size and awesome in magnificence. The highlights of the cave are karsts sentries guarding the gate, huge dragons returning to the sea, fish and shrimp soldiers, monkeys fishing the moon,and dragon princess. The sixth cave is known as the "three-gorge cave" where there is hanging karsts curtain and a monster-like limestone formation.

The Fun Stone Garden

The Fun Stone Garden along the Dragon Palace scenic route is also known as the ‘little stone forest'. Stones here are of diverse shapes and fun-looking. Next to it there are forest-like lines of steles with inscriptions on them by some well-known Chinese scholars.

Lalong Ba

It is on this land where Buyei people (an ethnic minority group in China) live. Come and join in the dance show put on by Buyei people and have some firsthand experience of the local traditions and customs. Don't miss the traditional Buyei people's wedding ceremony. You will be invited to ‘Kidnap' the bride with the bridegroom. That'll be exciting for sure.

The Milky Way Bridge

The small bridge linking two ravines is about 100 meters away from the Fun Stone Garden. The bridge provides a panoramic view of the surrounding natural landscape and the lake view.

Huxue Cave (or the Tiger's Lair Cave)

Huxue Cave is a dried-up limestone cave, measuring 400 meters long. Stalactites in the cave look like knives, an encaged tiger, poles and moon-watching rhinoceros and so on.

Qunfang Valley or Flowery Valley

Qunfang valley is a natural scenic destination, where there is a three-dimensional zoo park, a herb valley, Longteng Bao (Tunbu fortress construction), Yulong Cave and an underground hall… etc.

Kwan-yin (Avalokitesvara) Cave

Kwan-yin Cave is a large cave temple, in which karsts Avalokitesvara stature and the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha are the key attractions. The 12.6-meter-high Kwan-yin stature wears a facial expression that evokes benevolence and reverence.

Whirling Pool.

Whirling Pool measures 120 meters in width. A running river stops abruptly here and falls into the deep pool and the flow of water in the pool swirls around clockwise, presenting a spectacular scene.

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How to Get There?

Tourists can take buses from Guiyang to Dragon Palace, and the price is about 25 yuan. They can also take buses to get to Anshun first (price: 20 Yuan), and then they take the buses from Anshun to Dragon Palace (price: 5 yuan).

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120 Yuan per person (the price includes the 50 yuan for the Central Sect, 25 yuan for the Whirl Pool Sect, and 20 Yuan for Qunfang Valley Sect. Tourists can also choose where to go and how much to pay if they don’t want to visit all three sects). There are no other charges except the admission fee.

Tourists cannot enter many of the caves in summer when it is the rainy season and water will flood in the caves.

The accommodation: the accommodation in the Dragon Palace scenic spot is good. The price for standard double room is 180 Yuan per day, 160 Yuan for a triple room per day. There are about 500 middle and low rank beds.

Food: tourists can have the local preserved meat, chicken soup, and fish in the dragon palace. They can also have dinner at the peasants’ houses.

Shopping: tourists can buy some Huaxi capsicum, which is very spicy and delicious.

Tourists can take boats to visit the place. The Dragon Palace is only 30 km from the Huangguoshu Waterfall, so it is advisable for tourists to visit both the two places if they go there.

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