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Getu River Scenic Spot

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 Getu River has four groups of scenic spots:

The Dachuandong Cave Scenic Area

 The Swallow Cave is the first entrance of Fuliu River. The arch-shaped cave is 116 meters high and 25 meters wide. An underground lake flows through it. The cave is home to tens of thousands of swallows, whose morning and evening flight show at the cave’s entrance is spectacular phenomenon.

Chuanshangdong Cave

 Chuanshangdong Cave is the remnant of an ancient underground river. Access to the cave is made possible by an overhanging tunnel. The tunnel is 137 meters long, 70 meters wide and 50 meters high. Chuanshangdong Cave is 266 meters higher than the Swallow Cave’s entrance, enough for a plane to fly through it. Bush vegetations of various species are found here. 

The Blind Valley

 The blind Valley is a trough-shaped valley. It is 1 kilometer long and 30-150 meters wide with a height between 200 to 400 meters. The walls of the valley are steep rocks all around. A 20-meter-high shaft serves as the access point to the cave.

Tongtiandong Cave

Tongtiandong Cave is a colossal shaft-like cave. The cave is 370 meters deep and 200 wide. It is like a huge opening on the roof-top, thus known as skylight cave.

Dahe Scenic Area

Jianshan Mountain is situated between Dahecun village and Dachuandong Cave. Flanked on both sides by rising green mountain peaks, the secluded mount stood high and proud between them as if being escorted, thus known as ‘Jiashan Mount’, the ‘escorted mount’.

Dahechun Village

 Dahechun village is naturally endowed with mountain ranges encircling it, Getu River running through it and fertile land to live on. Country cottages sprang up at the mountain feet. It is a land of heavenly peace.

 Tianxingdong Cave

Tianxingdong Cave is in the vicinity of Guankou village which is adjacent to Ziyang County and Changshun County. The cave is 110 meters high and 40 meters wide. The entrance of the cave is a huge rectangular opening. Curtain-like rock formations hang down across the cave walls. Boat trip into the cave is available.

 Tianxing Burial Cave

The burial cave is a dried-up cave next to the left entrance of the Tianxingdong Cave. There are three two-meter-high stone steps wrought by the nature. Cliff coffins are found here. Lowered down from the cliff top, the cliff coffins were made of beech wood. There are a total of 120 cliff coffins here, 40 of which have survived almost intact.

Tianci Lake (Heaven-sent Lake)

 Tianci Lake is a natural lake with karsts features. Its mirror-like water surface among the vast green expanse of surrounding area measures 350 meters long and 100 meters wide and is 980 meters above the sea level. Spring water sprung from three water holes in the lake are of supreme quality.

 Xiaochuandong Scenic Area

Miaodong Cave

There is a huge karsts cave in the Miaodong Cave and an underground stream is running through it. The cave with an area of 15 hectares is the second largest karsts cave in the world and the largest in Asia. Colossal and grotesque stalactitic columns and formations in the cave represent perfect facsimiles of things of your imagination.

 Zhongdong Cave Dwellers

There are three Karsts caves above the exit of Xiaochuandong Cave, the upper, middle and the lower caves. Zhongdong Cave is located 300 meters away from the right side of the upper karsts cave. Zhongdong Cave, which is 50 meters high, 100 meters wide and 200 meters long, is inhabited by 18 families of Miao ethnic background. Their dwellings are made of wood trunks and bamboo wood. A stone building serves as the primary school for their kids, further down is a playground, beside which is a three-meter stalactitic frog. Spring water springs out from the stalactitic frog for the cave dwellers’ consumption. This is a classic case of cave culture.

 Zhulin Village

Zhulin Village is situated on the mountain along the middle reach of Getu River. Residents of the village on this alpine range are of Miao nationality. The village is well-known for its buildings called ‘Diaojiaolou’. The village is surrounded by towering and prehistoric trees, bamboos and other lush vegetations.

 Xiaochuandong Cave

Xiaochuandong Cave, also known as ‘Maogutia’, is 50 meters high, 40 meters wide and 790 meters above the sea level, it is the exit of Getu River and its natural landscape is divinely beartiful.

Huangjiawan Scenic Area

Gu’ao Lake

Gu’ao Lake is a large man-made lake, which came into being after completion of the Huangjiawan reservoir. The lake covers an area of 31 sq. km and holds 0.27 billion cubic-meter water. The main shipping lane is 28 kilometers long, along which there are 23 isolated islands. The vast lake is divided into the north and south areas. Backed up by green mountain ranges, the rippling lake is breathtaking.

Xingxingxia Gorge

Sitting on the lower reach of Zuoma River, the long ravine is flanked by two mountain ranges. Running streams sing along, winding over pebble-studded water course. Cragged peaks rise one after another along its sides.

Tashan Stone Tower

Tashan Stone tower is situated on a mountain top in the southeast of Ziyun country town. The country town was built in the 49th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. It is of great historical significance and value.

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