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The Stone Village

Last updated by jasmine at 2016/4/28

Stone Village, located in the Biandan (shoulder pole in Chinese) Mountain of Zhenning County in the southwest of Guizhou, is one of the 48 Buyi mountain villages. Overlapping with each other, its stone houses are built near the mountain in apple-pie order. Made of woods and stones without any bricks or tiles, they are strong and durable. And, the dwellers of these stone houses will feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, designed and built by local people, they are full of local and national features.

The Stone Village is also famous for its wax-dyed fabrics. Up to 80 percent of women in the village master this traditional folk craft. Tourists can participate this process by designing and operating on their own to experience the life of Buyi villagers and pleasure of making traditional craft.

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