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The Tianxing Bridge Scenic Zone

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The Tianxing Bridge Scenic Zone is composed of three interconnected subregions: the Tianxing Potted Landscape, the Tianxing Cave and the Stone Forest in Water. The Tianxing Potted Landscape.


It stretches along the banks of the Sancha River and on the surface of its deep river covering an area of 0.19 sq. kilometers. There are a lot of natural rocks and landscapes made of water and stones in different sizes and shapes. A winding flagstone laid path passes through the cliffs, trenches, cracks, and along the curbing of the landscapes. Walking down the path, tourists can always enjoy beautiful sights in all directions.

Tianxing Cave

The Tianxing Cave is located in the middle of the Tianxing Bridge Scenic Zone. 4 stone pillars of more than 20 meters high support the cave’s roof. Engraved dragons and phoenixes cluster the stone pillars. The first scenic area of the cave is the Grape Hall; it is full of calcium carbonate gels shaped like bunches or piles of grapes. The second is the “Baxian (the eight immortals in Chinese legend) Across the Sea”, which portrays stalagmites lining the beach. Next is the “Heavenly Feast” made up of colorful and peculiarly shaped stones such as; dishes, trays and cups full of delicacies and vintage wines. In addition, there are Karst rocks shaped like a “Lotus Pool”, “the Great Wall”, a “Snow World”, “Terrace of a Miao (a Chinese minority) Village” and other ones of birds, beasts, fish, insects, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables.

The Stone Forest in Water

Flowing about one kilometer from the waterfalls, the river reaches the Stone Forest in Water. The river completely surrounds the forest; it branches off at the stone forest, flows along its sides and joins again under it.. At this scenic spot, streams wind and twist dotted with rocks visible above the water. Its main sights include the Silver-chain Waterfalls, the Xingxia Flying Waterfalls, the Gathering Banyans, the Barrier of Root Wall, and the Painting of Matted Roots.

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How to Get There?
The Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Zone is 6 kilometers down (a 20 minutes bus ride) from the Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area. Tourists can also take a tri-motorcycle for 25RMB round trip. At the gate of its central scenic zone, mini-buses to Anshun are available, for 5RMB per person. In addition, parlor buses to Guiyang are available at about 5:00 pm, for 30RMB.

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There is a widespread statement among the local people: if you add the number of the date when you come to the stone forest in water to the one of your age, then make a wish to the natural rock of their sum, your wish will come true. * In the scenic spot, tourists can have a photo taken with the Miao people in Miao costumes or rent Miao costumes to take photos. There are bamboo rafts on the water; tourists can stand to take photos with better visual angle for a fee. There are 2 roads in the Stone Forest, “Shuidashi (meaning flood water in Chinese)” and “Shuixiaoshi (meaning less water in Chinese)”, which join into a circle. Tourists can visit the whole Stone Forest along the latter. Be sure to pay attention to the Xingxia Stone Bridge leading to the ropeway, or, you will easily get lost. If you are worried, you can hire a guide for less than 10RMB.

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