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Anshun food features sour and spicy flavor which is rich in kinds and tasted delicious. The famous snacks include oil braised preserved bean curd, Buckwheat cool bean jelly, Chongchong Cake, Crystal Iced Jelly, spicy Chinese honey locust bean and Fried Egg Cake (made from the choice rice and soy bean and is stuffed with meat). The price is very low, therefore one meal just costs RMB 10 per person.

Anshun Featured Food:

Crystal Cold Jelly

Also named: icy jelly

Chief constituents: pawpaw seeds

Characteristics: cold and refreshing, it can expel the hot and slake your thirst.

Broiled Xiang Pig

Also named Qian Gui (short for Guizhou and Guangxi in Chinese respectively) xiang pig

Chief constituents: xiang pig

Characteristics: after long period of domestication and carefully rearing, Miao people bred wild boars into a new breed, xiang pig with smaller bones, thinner skin, more tender meat, delicious taste and faint scent. The broiled xiang pig, of course, is a superexcellent dish.

Basketball Pigeon Eggs

Chief constituents: bamboo shoots

Characteristics: fresh and delicious, it has the specially good effects of saving worry, protecting eyesight, moistening the lung, invigorating qi and keeping fresh for several days.

Fried Paste With Porridge

Chief constituents: rice and flour

Characteristics: mix the rice and flour into a paste and put it into a bowl. Then, fish sweetened bean paste, which has been yellow and crisp, out of the hot oil and put it into the paste. After that, add a spoon of “yinzi”, a specialty of Qianzhong (middle area of Guizhou). At last, sprinkle it with a ladle of hot oil. This dish is oily but not too much, crisp inside and soft outside, very delicious.

Chongchong Cake

Chief constituents: sticky rice

Characteristics: supplemented with rose sugar, gingili, walnuts, peanut and wax gourd pieces, it is delicious, fragrant, sweet and soft.

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