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Anshun Local Products:

Anshun Featured products are mainly ethnic minority handcrafts and arts, such as carpet of Buyi ethnic minority, the wax painting of Miao and Buyi ethnic minority and Dixi (a distinct folk drama of Anshun) masks. Besides, many featured products of other places of Guizhou province all can be found in Anshun, such as Tianma (elevated gastrodia tuber) liquor, Duzhong (eucommia bark) liquor and Root Carving.

Dixi Masks

Wearing mask on the forehead is the characteristic of Dixi Drama. Concerning the development of mask, it already has a history of thousands of years and it is one of the elements of Chinese culture which can not be ignored. It strengthened the deterrent force of common people, which had significant function in social life during ancient China when the power of nature was unknowable. Mask was the content for ancient people to express their hope for living and their fear for death at that time. D

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Wax Printing

with the reputation of the first dye in east, its style is characterized by pastels, elegance, bolded design and delicacy. Full of national feature, it is made by ancient and curious workmanship.

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Buyi Carpet

Anshun Buyi carpets have original and special designs, which are elegant, simple, bright and stereo, full of national features. With an annual output of 20,000 sq feet, it has won the tourist product prizes of the Light Industry Department, Chinese National Industry Council and Guizhou Province for many times.

An Wine

as a famous wine, the An wine features clearness, aroma, sweetness and lasting flavor, because of which it has won more than 50 prizes at home and abroad, such as “the Golden Cup Prize”, “the National Prize for Product of high quality” and “the Prize of World Star”.


most folk woodcarvings are masks made by fanciful technique with bold lines. The combination of human and god shows the beauty of simpleness and grisliness in the mountain villages.

Dried Beef Series Products

they are processed and produced with the raw material of Guanling scalpers, whose meat is tender, nutritious and tasty. There are mainly 3 enterprises producing the dried beef in Anshun, including Guizhou Niulaixiang Industry Co., Anshun Can-making Factory and Anshun Hui People Foodstuffs Factory.

Anshun “three Knife”

as a kind of famous specialty product, the Anshun “three knife” is characterized by sharp blade, simple and beautiful pattern and durable quality.

Baihuachuan Series Flavoring

produced by the Pickles Factory in Anshun City, the special Baihua series flavoring features great aroma and delicious taste.

Pinba Series Wines

Pinba series wines include more than 30 kinds of wines that are divided into 4 series of Pinan wine, Pinbajiao wine, Jinhuchun wine and Duzhong tonic wine. They are clear, aromatic, tastes good with lasting flavor.


Anshun Shops and Stores:

Many shops selling featured products concentrate in the front of Anshun Long-distance Bus Station and scatter about the downtown. The price of the featured products sold in Anshun is much lower than those sold at Beijing Road of Guiyang (the capital city of Guizhou province). If you stroll around, there might be some gains. Besides, they also can be found in many scenic ares.

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