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Anshun enjoys convenient transport. It is connected with other parts of Guizhou and other provinces through railway transport, aviation transport and highway transport.

Huangguoshu Airport, which was opened in September 2004, is 6 km from the city center. There are regular Flights from Qingdao (in Shandong Province) and Kunming (in Yunnan Province).

Anshun is only 100 km away from the Guiyang Airport, where there are many regular flights to Guizhou and other major cities in China.

Address of the air ticket office: No. 0-3 of Guozhao Housing Estate, Ruofei Bei (North) Road, Anshun

Telephone:3359777 3358566

The Guizhou - Kunming Railway runs through the whole province from east to west. Anshun is connected with other provinces through railways ( Sichuan -Guizhou Railway and Guizhou- Guangxi Railway). Trains from Beijing , Shanghai , Chongqing , Guangdong and Kunming stop at Anshun. The tourists express “Huangguoshu” runs between Guiyang and Anshun every day.

The railway station is located at the end of the Nanhua Road, Anshun.

Enquiry telephone:0853-3223295

Guiyang -Huangguoshu Highroad, the first high-rank road in southwestern China, passes through Anshun.

Tourists can take buses to Anshun, which start every 20 minutes, at the Long Distance Bus Station of Guiyang (telephone No: 0851-5793381), which is opposite to Guiyang Railway Station. The price is RMB15 yuan. They can also buy a 60-yuan round-trip ticket of the “one-day-tour” (Huangguoshu--Tianxing bridge--Miao Nationality Village) at Guiyang Tourists Transportation Center (Telephone No: 0851-6509810), which is located at No. 278, Beijiang Road. The transportation center is near Qianling Park (located in the northwestern part of Guiyang, 1.5 km from the city center, Buses No.1, No.2, and mini buses No. 61, No. 62 pass the park.)

The last express bus for Guiyang starts at 19:10 from Anshun. Some private buses run until 22:30, but the price is more expensive (RMB 50 yuan per person). It costs RMB 30 yuan per person to take the bus from Huangguoshu to Guiyang, and the last bus starts at 16:45.

Tourists can take the special buses at the square of the Southern Bus Station, the Western Bus Station and the Railway Station to go to Huangguoshu Waterfalls and the Dragon Palace Scenic Spot. The price is RMB 5-8 yuan per person. Some mini buses run between Anshun and Huangguoshu Waterfalls. The fee is 5-10 yuan per person, and the bus starts whenever the bus is fully booked up.

Buses for Zhijin County starts for Anshun at the Northern Bus Station (Zhijin County is located in the mid-western part of Guizhou , and it 175 km from Guiyang). The first bus starts at 5:30 in the morning. The buses leave every 20-30 minutes and it takes 3 and half hours to get to the county. The price is RMB28 yuan.

Anshun Southern Bus Station 

Address: opposite to the Qiandong Mansion, Nanhua Road


Buses to: Guiyang, Liuzhi, Xingyi, Zhijin. The last bus to Guiyang stops at Guiyang Gymnasium Long Distance Bus Station

Anshun Western Bus Station (also called Suburb Bus Station)

Address:Near the Police Building, Taxi Road


Buses service: There are buses to Puding, Getu River, Huajiang Canyon. The last bus to Guiyang stops at the Long Distance Bus Station on Western Yan’an Road.

Tips: If tourists have enough time, it is advisable for them to take buses at the bus stations to go to Huangguoshu Waterfalls because these buses offer better and safer service.


Anshun has convenient bus transport. There are 15 public bus routes. The price is RMB 0.8 yuan per person.


All the 500 taxies in Anshun have a taximeter. Price: from 7 a.m. to the midnight: RMB 3 yuan for the first 2 kilometers plus 1 yuan for each more kilometer from the third kilometers to 8th kilometer, plus 1.2 yuan for each more kilometer from the 9th kilometer. From midnight to 7 a.m.: 8 yuan for the first 2 kilometers plus 1.2 yuan for each more kilometer from the 3rd kilometer.

Complaint telephone: 0853-3297777

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