Donggou Wetland Game Site

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Donggou Wetland Game Site covers a total area of above 50,000 hectares. In the south, there grows bulrush, spartina grass, rush, water shallot, water lily etc. Aquatic animals such as various fishes, shrimps, mussels and mollusks are also rich there, which provides water animals with a good habitat. In the middle, there are a plantation, occupying an area of over 4000 hectares, and a grand grassland, stretching to the horizon, in which 36 kinds of beasts, accounting for 44.4 percent of the total beast amount in Jilin Province, breed and live.

Birds, altogether 46 kinds, are the main sight here. Spot-billed ducks, green-winged teals and falcate ducks are playing in the water and flying in the sky. Rare birds, such as swan, heron, red-crowned crane, white crane, gray crane and bustard, assemble here to migrate.

Located in the remote area with few people but convenient transportation, the Game Site is the best choice for tourism hunting.

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You can reach there directly by bus in Dagangzi Village, Bamian Village and Taonan City.

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