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Momoge National Natural Preserve

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The Momoge National Natural Preserve is a tourist destination in Beicheng, Jilin Province which is certified as an AAAA attraction. This means that the place has astounding sights which makes it an internationally-acclaimed spot. 
The entirety of China takes pride in Momoge National Natural Preserve because it is not only bursting with so much natural beauty. It is also home for various bird species. This place was initially established in 1981. However, its inclusion in the list of State Environmental Protection Administration came only in 1987. 
Over the years, this place just continues to flourish even more. It is gifted by nature with both dry and wet lands. Since it is a nature reserve, these areas are carefully protected by the government.  

Things to Do 


There is no need to climb mountains or go to remote areas just to feel closer to the beauty of the environment. The Momoge National Natural Preserve offers 144,000 hectares of dry land reserve. Aside from that, the wetlands here are also considered as the largest one in all of Jilin.  
Hence, the total area of Momoge National Natural Preserve provides so much space for tourists to go walking along trails. Some photography enthusiasts also spend time in capturing the breath-taking sceneries to pictures. 

Bird Watching

Because the surroundings of Momoge National Natural Preserve are well-preserved, there are various bird species which consider this place as their home. Some are migratory birds while others have permanent habitat in Momoge National Natural Preserve. 
Amazingly, there are 296 different species of birds which can be found in Momoge National Natural Preserve. Among these, 10 of which are considered as First Class National Protected Birds. The different birds which are found in this place are the demoiselle crane, white-napped crane and the whooping swan. As the autumn months come, the population of the birds increases up to 500 more because of the migrating white cranes. They stay in this place for about 70 days per year. 

Lotus Pond

This is a popular stop for tourists who spend time in the Momoge National Natural Preserve. For those who are looking for a good place which will calm their minds, this is the right spot to go to. The pond is artfully decorated by lotus flowers which have different colors. Aside from that, the view becomes even more spectacular because of the birds that are freely flying around. 

Fruit Forest

This is the section of Momoge National Natural Preserve which is filled with various trees that bear pink-white Chinese flowering apple, purple red grape flowers and other types of flowering plants and trees. Aside from the branches of the trees which provide shade on pathways, the atmosphere also smells so aromatic. There is a perfect blend of aroma that comes from the flowers and the trees. Hence, people who walk by this place would feel even more relaxed. 

The Thousand Bird Park

This is a section that is close to the Fruit Forest. This area is the part of Momoge National Natural Preserve which is least visited by tourists. That is why, this area is where most of the birds opt to stay. For people who would like to take photos of the birds in action, there is a section which can be occupied. However, it has to be noted that access is limited and visitors should also be observant about such guidelines.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in the eastern part of Zhenlai County, Beicheng, Jilin Province.

How to Get There?

 From the Beicheng Bus Station, take a bus which directly goes to Zhenlai County.

Ticket Price:

30 CNY

Opening Hours:

Weekdays and Weekends, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

More Tips:

Autumn is the best time to visit this place because the plants are in bloom and the population of birds is at its peak.

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