Nenjiang River Tourist Holiday Village

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Aside from being a popular tourist destination, the Nenjiang River Tourist Holiday Village is also known for being significant in terms of trade and commerce in the province. This can be traced back even to the early Chinese civilization. 
The main reason why this area can be considered as important for the flourishing of the place is because it is located within Baicheng City. This city has an excellent geographic location which makes it easy for inhabitants to access various natural resources such as water and forests. Within the province, this is also the first to have telecommunication lines and efficient transportation system. 
The Baicheng City is strategically positioned as the intersection of three different provinces such as Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. It is also the only route which people can use to be able to get to Shanhaiguan. That is why, the progress of this city remains unstoppable. 
Though the Nenjiang River Tourist Holiday Village is within Baicheng City, this place is quite impressive because of its preservation of natural beauty. That is probably the reason why this place is frequented by many tourists. It is close to the city but it still offers a tranquil place where people can just relax and enjoy the view. 

Things to Do 

The Nenjiang River Tourist Holiday Village has a very pleasant weather. Though the place also experiences four seasons every year, each one is clearly defined. More importantly, regardless of the month, this place always offers something nice for the tourists. 

Nenjiang River

This river never fails to capture the interest of people because its water has a green hue. The waters of the river are utilized by locals for leisure, as well as business during the day. Some people go on sailboat rides for leisure or to enable foreigners to enjoy the blissful view and the sparkling water. Other locals are just sailing on their boats for recreation. 
The banks of the Nenjian River are also good spot to stay. It is an inviting place for solo travellers as well as those who are with their families. The banks are covered with lush greens. That is why, there are plenty of spots for everyone to set-up their picnic blankets and spend a lazy afternoon close to the lovely water of the river. Since the area surrounding the Nenjian River is covered with greeneries, people can also observe some of the birds which have found their homes in this place. 

Swimming and Other Water Activities

Aside from allowing one’s self to be engulfed by the impressive beauty that surrounds the Nenjiang River Tourist Holiday Village, it is also an option to go swimming or try out other water activities. The right side of the Nenjiang River is dedicated for such. 
Since tourists frequent this place, especially during the summer, there are already small businesses which line up along this 10-kilometer stretch. This is the area where people can go swimming. Aside from that, there are also opportunities for tourists to go boat riding or try out other water activities. 
Within the Holiday Village, there are various types of entertainment which are offered by locals. Some of these can be accessed for free while others require tickets. It has to be noted though that the entrance to the main village does not cost thing. It is just the additional attractions which will make the experience even more memorable, particularly if the little ones are tagging along. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in the northwest of Jilin Province, Baicheng City.

How to Get There?

Take the public bus to Da'an City at Baicheng Bus Station.

Ticket Price:

Free Admission to the village

Opening Hours:
The whole day

More Tips:

Inquire about the fees for the mini-attractions inside the village which can range from 2 CNY to 5 CNY. 

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