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Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise

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For people who would like to have a totally unforgettable experience when they visit Beicheng in Jilin Province, China, checking out what Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise is a really splendid idea. 
This area is developed to be able to cater to the tourists who go to this place to unwind and have an enjoyable break from all their day to day obligations. Best of all, even if the place is developed for tourism, its natural beauty remains unaltered. It is actually protected so that this destination maintains the quintessential beauty of nature. 

Things to Do 

Place for Relaxation

Merely walking along the tree covered grounds can already ease the mind from all the stress. There are flourishing plants and trees which can provide shade during the sunny summer months. It can not be denied that the color green always has a relaxing and refreshing feel. In Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise, the land areas are covered with grasses and the flowering plants add a pop of color which can be really delightful to the eyes. 
When the feet start to ache, tourists can always stay in one of the cottages. The asymmetrical cottages are specifically designed such that they will work perfectly with the overall natural beauty of Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise.

Enjoyable Activities

Because the Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise is a destination which continues to magnet people from various parts of the globe, it is also made to be even more family-friendly. Of course, this does not mean that only parents with kids would enjoy this place. Group of friends and even adventurous individuals would also find too many things that they can enjoy here. 
There are areas which are dedicated for recreational purposes such as tennis, volleyball and billiards. For the little ones, they would also have a blast in the rope ladders, swings, parallel bars and horizontal bars. Hence, there is something for both the adults and the kids. 


Staying in Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise would not feel like being in a remote destination. Life’s conveniences are just within reach. The place has successfully intertwined modernity with nature. They offer cold drinks bar, electronic games bar, telephone shops and even KTV. These services and facilities are open for the perusal of their visitors. 
For those who would like to hold a bigger gathering in Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise, there is also a dancing hall. The interior is also beautifully decorated so there is no need to work doubly-hard on embellishing the venue. This hall can accommodate up to 100 people and it is the perfect setting for some partying and dancing. 


Visitors will not go hungry when they go to Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise. Yes, there is always an option to prepare a picnic basket which the entire family could enjoy. However, for guests who want an absolutely worry-free time in Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise, they can just grab something to eat from the snack shops or the barbecue shops. There are also various fish dishes which can be found in this place that will really make the taste buds dance because of the sumptuous flavor. 

Outdoor Activities

Since the Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise also has an expansive area, tourists can also opt to try out one of the outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing and riding boats. Sometimes, the local Mongolians mingle with the tourists. Other guests could spend some time with the locals to be able to get the chance to immerse into the lifestyle of the locals. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Sheli County, Beicheng, Jilin Province.

How to Get There?

Take the bus which goes to Da’an City at Baicheng Bus Station.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All Year Round

More Tips:

Bringing some extra clothes when dropping by this place would be a safe decision since there are numerous outdoor activities which tourists can enjoy. 

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