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Yellow Elm Scenic Spot

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There is no doubt that the Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is a captivating sight. The Mongolian Yellow Elm is a rare species and this can be found in Mongolia. The 50-kilometer stretch of this popular attraction is a sight that never fails to impress visitors.
It is because the surroundings are filled with creations that only nature can deliver. There are lush greeneries all around the place. During the summer and autumn months, the grasses are also in full bloom which make the entire place a really refreshing and relaxing sight.  

Things to Do 

Witnessing the Natural Beauty of Yellow Elm

The Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is considered as the largest vicinity which serves as home for these rare species. That is why, this place continues to lure visitors not just from various places in China but also from other countries around the globe. 
The reason why the yellow elm is able to live and reproduce in this area is because there is sufficient sustenance for them. The Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is tattered by trees which are comparable to the Huyang Tree. These are also considered as closely related to Ulmacae and Ulmus and they are characterized as slow growing trees which thrive even in dry areas. 
The great thing about Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is that it is also protected by the government. The yellow elm finds it difficult to survive in other places due to climate and lack of sustenance. In this place, they are able to maintain a flourishing life because the area is dedicated to ensure that they are able to survive. Even if the place is frequented by visitors all year round, proper guidelines are implemented which protects the habitat of the yellow elm. 

Perfect Place for Unwinding

The Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is a place that is hand-crafted by nature. The formation of the vines and plants can really make anyone’s imagination go wild. The pathways are covered by the flourishing plants so the sunlight has a natural filter. Hence, tourists can roam around the place without worrying about extreme heat even during the summer months. 

Elm Admiring Pavilion

This is an area that is dedicated for tourists who would like to take wonderful photographs, do some painting or simply have a perfect spot to admire the wonderful view. Since this is a spot where the view is unhindered, people will be able to easily gaze at the tall and charming yellow elms. It is a sight that remains unmatched by any other developed area in the city. Hence, some people go here to just free their mind from all the hustle and bustle of the urbane setting. 

Bird Habitat

Since the trees are flourishing in this place, there are also a lot of birds which reside here. Sometimes, the flock of birds which migrate to other countries due to climate changes stop by the Yellow Elm Scenic Spot to rest before they proceed to their migration. Among the birds which can be seen in the Yellow Elm Scenic Spot are the red-crowned cranes which are also very rare. The total population of these birds across the globe is very small. In fact, the population is less than 1,000. Amazingly, the bigger chunk of that number can be found in China so there are a lot of them here in Yellow Elm Scenic Spot. 

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The Yellow Elm Scenic Spot is located in the western section of Xinglongshan Town. This is about 60 km away from the county.

How to Get There?

Buses from Changchun to Beicheng take 3-4 hours.

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More Tips:

Keep in mind that there are some restrictions for the tourists in Yellow Elm Scenic Spot which aims to protect and preserve the trees. 

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