Tunli Heiyizhuang Mountain Inhabitancy

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In Tunli Hamlet live 57, 370 people. All people in the hamlet are Heiyizhuang people. These people are very kind, hospitable, diligent and simple. To them, it is wonderful to have guests coming from far away. They always invite other people to visit to be their guests at home even though they may not know the person previously. They are romantic, living a colorful life. Men and women, old and young are all good at both singing and dancing. They sing a song while working, being in love and having a holiday or festival. They will surely sing folk songs to receive visitors. Their songs are full of understanding of life and the special national spirits. In Heiyizhuang there are many simple and unsophisticated folk dances. When older people have their birthday, men and women, old and young in the hamlet sing and dance to congratulate on their long living. In the happy days they dance. In the spare time they also dance. In the village of Heiyizhuang, every family has a loom. Therefore, every balcony hangs the black cloth dyed by indigo. And the whole hamlet smells sweet with the fragrance of indigo. All people in Heiyizhuang make clothing dyed by indigo by using their own hands. The indigo dying technique developed in Heiyizhuang is the cultural heritage of China and even of the whole world. Heiyizhuang people in the hamlet have been living in the traditional dry-fence construction up till now. The dry-fence in Heiyizhuang hamlet, made of rock and wood, is a very ancient construction. In the Tunli Cultural Hamlet, you can sit under the wooden building covered with black tiles. Enjoying quietly the singing of the birds and the whispering of the insects and being refreshed by the wind, you feel just great.

Heiyi Zhuang Old Lady

Heiyi Zhuang Old Lady

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Renting a car is mostly preferred.

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Tips: (1) The songs and dances of Heiyizhuang people are full of characteristics, which is worth seeing and enjoying. (2) 400 yuan per performance if there are more than 20 audiences.

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