Baise Travel Guide

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Baise Overview

 'Baise' is originated from "Bosezhai", an ancient village in Zhuang dialect (Zhuang is a minority in Guangxi), meaning a good place to wash clothes. It is also called 'a city of goose'. Located in the west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and in the upper reach of the Xijiang River (a branch of the Pearl River), Baise is a city well-known for its glorious revolutionary tradition. The whole city covers an area of 3713 square kilometers, among which 25 square kilometers is the urban center. It totally accommodates 3.6 million people who are from seven minorities, such as Zhuang, yao, miao, hui, yi and gelao. Zhuang minority takes up 80% of the whole population in the city, while yao, miao, hui, yi and gelao minorities account for 6% of its population. The city is abundant in natural resources and famous for its beautiful coteau scenery, distinct geographic location, convenient transportation system and revolutionary history. It is also an important and well-known town in the west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, being the goods distributing center and the center of the transportation system linking Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Baise is a city with a long history, elegant landscape, versatile humanity views and huge tour resources potential. Therefore, in Baise you may go deep into the earth (600 meters below the earth's surface), see spindle tree fern and short brake which both exist only in dinosaur era, and feel the pulse of the Earth's heart beating (by the mysterious underground rivers). You may even explore the world's largest subterranean primary forest (96000 square meters in area). Besides, you can see the world's largest on-the-cliff map of China (40000 square meters in area), the biggest natural arched stone bridge in the world (177 meters in span) and the biggest lotus pot (9.4 meters in diameter). Finally, you can appreciate the special customs of Heiyizhuang when thousands of people worship Buluotuo, the sage in that culture. Welcome to Baise!

Area number: 0776

Post code: 53300

Peoples: Zhuang, han, miao, yao, yi, gelao minorities, etc.

District classification: Youjiang district, Lingyun county, Pingguo county, Xilin county, Leye county, Debao county, Tianlin County, Tianyang county, Jingxi County, Tiandong county, Napo County and Longlin Minority Autonomous County.