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Baise is one large station along the railway between Nanning and Kunming . In the station, there are trains to destinations such as Nanning, Guilin , Guangzhou , Zhanjiang. The station can be reached by Bus No.6.

To get more information about trains, please call the station at 0776-2987262.


Baise is the highway transportation hinge in the northwest of Guangxi , with No. 323 and No. 324 national road crossing the city. Among all the roads, the highway from Baise to Nanning is classified as B road in China, and the highway from Baise to Xingyi, Guizhou is third-class road.

At the bus terminal, there are buses to Nanning, Beihai, Guilin , Liuzhou, Yulin and different counties of Baise. Every 30 minutes sees one luxurious non-stop bus leave for Nanning. In addition, one luxurious bus to Guilin leaves at 8:40 every morning.

To get more information about buses, please call the bus terminal at 0776-2987262.


It is advisable to take the non-stop swift bus, because this bus has good service, free water and food and it is much faster than the ordinary buses.


Not many bus routes exist. For tourists who want to get to Baise Revolutionary Monument, Yinlong Park, bus station, and railway station, they can take Bus No. 6.


The minimal fare for taking a taxi is three yuan. After the 3-yuan taxi-starting fare, 1.2 yuan is added with each kilometer. Tourists are supposed to pay the fare for bridges and roads on their own.

Telephone for Baise Taxi Rental Company: 0776-2855893

Tricycles and motorcycles:

It generally costs two yuan to take tricycles or motorcycles. The price will increase respectively when the distance increases.

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