Green Mountain Lake

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The Green Mountain Lake is an artificial lake by holding up a river, whose water is pure and clean, with a placid water surface. There are numerous mountains standing aloft on both sides of the lake. All of this constitutes picturesque scenery. The vegetation is complete and forest is graceful. Therefore, it is a good place to prevent sunstroke and go traveling and fishing. For you can not only swim but also fish in the lake. There are many devious pavilions and passages over the lake water. And the temples on the mountain appear gleaming. This scenic spot is really worth your visit for having a rest and spending your holiday where all kinds of service facilities are provided, such as parking lot, shopping place, yachts, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

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How to Get There?
Take a coach from Changchun to Baishan city (with coaches departing every other hour), and then take in the city a taxi of 10 Yuan to go to the Green Mountain Lake straightly.

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The optimal time for traveling to Green Mountain Lake is spring, summer and autumn. In spring, you go mainly for a walk in the country. Meanwhile, you can pick mountainous potherbs (like ferneries, mountainous celeries, cucumbers, the leg of the monkey and burgeons) and have a picnic on the mountain to experience the feel of returning to nature. In summer, you go there mainly for visiting various scenic spots by climbing and boating. Longshan Temple and Yuhuang Cabinet are in the spot. Chicken of the Northeast braised with mushroom and fresh fishes are available in the farmyard. Autumn is chiefly for seeing the red leaves all over the mountain. There are filbert and hunting field in this spot. The main activity in winter is skiing. If you get tired, you can have a seat on the kang to smoke and have a look at the paper-cut for window decoration as well as the snowy scenery.

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