Zhenzhumen Scenic Spot

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The Duxiu Mountain in the scenic spot of Zhenzhumen is forceful and sheer, like a slim and graceful young lady; the Baode Spring, sweet and refreshing, warm in winter and cool in summer, is a high quality of mineral water; Tianyan Cave can accommodate thousands of people to view; Diaoshui Lake Waterfall is as if a white tie falls down from the sky. The highest fall of the waterfall is up to 38 meters; Hutou Mountain, Laohu Mountain, Sanyao Stone, Bajie Stone, Xiantuo Mountain, Xiunv Rock, Tongtian Cave, Laohu Cave are all natural sceneries full of humor and wit. The spring in Zhenzhumen has a variety of color, bright and beautiful; in summer, the forest is sequester with birds singing in the tree and the stream is flowing slowly; in autumn, all mountains are covered with red maples and heaps of wild fruits and in winter, everything is enveloped by a bed of white snow, as white as a fairy world.

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1. Boarding route: You can take the train from Tonghua to Linjiang which has a stop at Zhenzhumen Railway Station. 2. After you get off the train, you walk from the railway station via Laodao Cave and Xianren Cave and about 40 minutes later, you get to Shanjian Waterfall.

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Spring: You can pick the wild mountainous vegetables like mountainous celeries, the leg of the monkey, ferneries etc. They can be used to fry with pork and also can be eaten devilled. They are pure greens in all senses. Summer: Diguo, also called strawberry is available (The fresh Diguo mixed with white sugar tastes refreshing and pleasant after adding a piece of ice) as well as river shrimps, fish, egg fried with Yuhuang mushroom. Autumn: It is the best season to come here. If you come at this time, you can have the most famous dishes here, including the chicken braised with fresh mushroom, fresh mushroom braised with Chinese cabbages, wild agaric fried with pork, corn soup, pines, mountainous frog braised with potatoes and so on. Meanwhile, you can have a taste of the wild sherry. Winter: You can have the following dainty dishes: big bone braised with pickled Chinese cabbages, the hotpot of wild chicken (no single word can be employed to describe it but extremely delicious), fried spicy hare meat in addition to a little Wuzi wine and gen-seng wine dunked by the farmers.

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