Baishan Travel Guide

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Baishan Overview

Baishan city is located in the west of Mount Changbai where the natural scene is extremely beautiful, southeast of Jilin province; adjacent to Korean Nationality Autonomous State on the east border; next to Jilin City in the north and lying on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and having Yalu River between them. The total area of the city is 1388 square kilometers and the toatal population over 1.3 million. Now Linjiang city, Jingyu County, Fusong County, Changbai County, Jiangyuan County and the Badaojiang district where the city committee and the city government are stationed are under the domination of the Baishan city.


The world famous Mount Changbai lies in Baishan city. Mount Changbai has mystic virgin forest, wonderful scenery of ice and snow, marvelous cloud and fog, rare lava groups and vertical forest belt with vivid arrangement, and thus it forms many natural sceneries featured with the distinctive characteristics of Mount Changbai per se. Baishan city takes the natural sceneries of Mount Changbai, the sights of the upper and middle reaches of Yalu River, numerous historical sites and the cross-national tourism on the border of China and Korea as its main contents. Meanwhile, it explores five scenic spots for travelling: Fusong Scenic Spot, the Badao River district scenic spot, Linjiang scenic spot, Mount Changbai scenic spot and Jingyu scenic spot.

Virgin Forests

The old and exuberant virgin forest provides somewhat predominant condition for the wild animals and plants multiplying and living. It is the native land of “the Three Treasures” of northeastern China, which is of gen-seng, marten and deer-horn. There are more than 300 wildlives in the virgin forest. Among over 2300 varieties of wild plants, more than 1300 varieties are economic plants. Especially the wild gen-seng growing in the mountains and gardens is the most famous. The plantation by the manual work has over 300 years and is an important distributing center in the nationwide for the planting, processing and selling of gen-seng. The rich local specialities resources have brought up a passel of “famous homelands”. For instance, Fusong county has been reviewed as the Homeland of gen-seng in China, Jingyu County the Homeland of American ginseng in China, Badao River district the Homeland of forest frog in China and Linjiang city the Homeland of red-scenery sky in China.

Rivers and Canyons

Yalu River and Songhua River are as if two dark green and transparent jade ties setting in the forest sea. And Songhua River Baishan Warehouse district and Yalu River Yunfeng Warehouse district are the optimal scenic spots. Mount Changbai is one of the eight famous mountains in China. It is the typical representative of the highest mountain series in northeastern region of China and the eco-system of the north hilly land in the Euro-Asian Continent. In 1960, Mount Changbai Natural Reserve was established and it was brought into the United Nations Biological Conservation Circle in 1980. The well-known heaven pool in Mount Changbai is situated on the top of the main peak of Mount Changbai and is the largest as well as the deepest volcanic lake. It is, in the meantime, the headstream of Songhua River, Yalu River and Tumen River. It is very attractive and intriguing to the world not only because of its straightforward and simple beauty of waterfalls, hot springs, Forest Sea, snowy peak and tundra but the distinctive vertical sceneries, the complete eco-systems and plenty of species resources. Jinjiang River canyon of Mount Changbai is located 20 kilometers on the west foot of the heaven pool in Mount Changbai. Most areas of the two banks of the canyon are steep to the extreme. In the canyon are lava cones as high as several tens meters, of various shapes and postures, with torrential water flowing at the bottom of the canyon. The canyon is comparable to the Grand Canyon Colorado in America and is qualified as a world-class scene.