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Baishan Food

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Baishan Featured Food:

Senfei Frog Oil

Here frog refers to forest frog which is also called Hashima. It has comparatively high iatrical and hygienical function and has long been regarded as an advanced nutrition. A book once described it as the catholicon for treating “five weaknesses”, saying it having the function of nourishing the emptiness, strengthening the sperm, defervescence, expectorance and increasing marrow. The dishes cooked with frog oil are very popular with people.

Characteristics: The frog oil tastes sweet and dainty with handsome sculpt after being braised.

The Fruit Of Autumn

Pine nut has many aliases, such as Hai pine nut and Xinluo pine nut. It is the seed of red pine. The seed kernel has the function of moistening the lung, smoothing the intestines and relaxing the bowels. According to the record of an ancient book, pine nut is of high value, containing fat, protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron etc. when having dishes, people use pine nut to add scent and odor. Thus, pine nut is called the rarity among fruits.

Characteristics: Sweetened bean paste mixed with pine kernel is fragrant and sweet, tasty to the mouth after being deep-fried.

Yulong Kidney

Spotted deer are extremely rare animals in Mount Changbai region. The kidney of spotted deer has the tonic function of nourishing human kidney and strengthening the male’s sexual function, engendering semen and building blood, getting rid of diseases and body-building, keeping vigorous and energetic and coruscating young blood of people’s.

Characteristics: Yulong kidney is sliced quite refined. The sliced kidney is in the shape of chrysanthemum and it tastes salty, fresh and dainty.