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Baishan Local Products:

Wei Dish

The formal name of Wei dish is Chinese cinnamon Ziqi. It grows mainly in the marshes of the forest or bushes and in the valley on the riverside, in the east and middle mountainous regions of Jilin province. Wei dish is rich in nutrition which contains multi-vitamins. The output of Wei dish is very limited, for only the delicate leaves of the 20-30-year rootstalk is up to the standard of picking. It is quite complex to process dried Wei dish. Therefore, Wei dish is called the rarity of mountainous greens. Wei dish is also fit for medicinally taken, which is antipyretic and has the function of detoxification, hemostasis and insecticidation. The rootstalk is used to treat parotitis, diarrhea, nostril haemorrhage and leucorrhoea. The delicate leaves’ villus can hold back traumatic bleeding. The water in which Wei dish dip can be used to guard against rheum (cold).

Chinese Forest Frog

Chinese forest frog is called Hashima in Man Nationality language. Because its meat is as delicate as chicken, it is renamed frog. It belongs to amphibian ranid. It lives in the bushes of the hillside in spring, summer and winter and in winter; it hibernates under the rock in the deep water. The meat of the frog is sweet, cool and intoxicated and contains profuse protein, sugar, moisture and a little fat. And it tastes delicious, fresh in spring and fragrant in summer. Thus, it is the cate of each season.

Ageless Grass

The ageless grass, whose formal name is Caocongrong, is a perennial, autoecious herbaceous plant. Its florescence is from May to July and its fruit gets ripe in August. It is the rare and precious medicinal plant in Mount Changbai. It grows by the steep dykes of 1300 to 2000 meters or on vertical cliffs. Due to its peculiar growing environment, it clings to Chinese watermelon trees limited to a narrow bound. The ageless grass can be wholly medicinal materials and it nourishes the human kidney, strengthens the male’s sexual function and smoothes the intestines and relaxes the bowels. That’s why it is regarded a divine grass and gets its name of ageless grass. The ageless grass has been brought into the list of the top-ranking plant-protection of Jilin province and regarded as a pivot plant protected in the nation wide.

Red Orpine

Red orpine, also called Alp Red Orpine, is a perennial herbaceous plant. It has the most medicinal value among the 107 varieties of genus Sedum plants. It grows mainly among the alp volcanic rocks with an altitude of 1700 to 2300 meters. The red orpine has a unique tonic effect on diabetes, tuberculosis, impotence etc.

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