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Shoulu Mountain

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Brief Introduction to Shoulushan Mountain:

Shoulushan Forest Park occupies an area of 170,000 mu, among which 37,000 mu is covered by ancient dense forest. Infested by white-lipped deer, which is how the Shoulushan Mountain gets its name. In spring, everything comes to life, with life and beauty. In summer, thousands of screen-like hills stand together with green trees, with birds singing and flowers sending off fragrance. In autumn, all the leaves change to red and yellow, creating a gorgeous spectacle with "all the mountains turning red, while all the trees are dried". In winter, snowflakes turn the whole of Shoulushan Mountain into a white wonderland. When you climb to the top, you just see a sea of drifting clouds and smell unknown plants blossom fragrantly, with a feeling of "climb the ladder in the Heaven, walk on the road of clouds and step into a fairyland". It is a green treasure place for tourists to spend holidays


Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
If you are an individual tourist, firstly you can take a bus from Baiyin District to Jingtai County, and then take another bus from Jingtai County to Shoulushan Mountain. It is estimated to cost you about 70 yuan. If you are a group, you can rent a bus to get to the Scenic Spot directly. The fare is about 200 yuan according to the number of the tourists and the bus condition.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
a whole day

More Tips:
Accommodation: No accommodation provided in the Scenic Spot, putting up at an inn in bordering counties is a good choice. Delicacy: In the peasant family restaurants near Shoulushan Mountain, you can taste local special delicacies, such as, dough sheet with mushroom, roasted lamb, the meat of lamb, stewed mushroom, gripping mutton, yam dough, Jiangshuimian(a noodle made of rice steep liquor), Yangtaomaizi, noodle with mutton, fried noodle with mushroom and roasted potatoes, etc. Not only materials but also condiments are authentic peasant family flavor, with the fascinating scenery, you can enjoy yourself to the full.

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