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The Grotto of Sierwan

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Brief Introduction:

The Grotto of Shierwan was excavated on the Hongyan Cliff along the north bank of the Yellow River. There is a mountain called "Hongluo Mountain", hence it named Hongluo Temple in ancient times. The Grotto houses 62 statues in good condition, the middle one was carved in the Tang Dynast and the below ones-eighteen arhats were carved by later craftsmen.

Besides there are other statues: Shijia, Jiaye, Anan, Guanying, Tianwang, etc. The Grotto is bricked arch structure whose upper part is a small wooden attic. In front of the Grotto is a broken stone tablet with the inscriptions "Ancient Temple Records". Originally there were 6 grottoes in Hongluo Temple excavated in the Tang Dynasty, among which 5 were ruined for exploding mountains to get stones along the north bank of the Yellow River; the rare survival is the grotto in the middle. Now there are 66 clay figures and statues with the greatest artistic level, vivid and lifelike. The Grotto was listed in historical monuments in Gansu province.


Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
Tourists can take a bus to Jianyuan County and then change a middle bus to Beiwan Town.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:00 a.m.-18:00 p.m.

More Tips:
Accommodation: This Scenic Spot is near Jingyuan County; tourists can choose to live in hotels, reception centers and peasant family inns. The price is reasonable about 20 yuan.

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